How Fast-Evolving Tech is Changing the Way Designing is Done


Technology is growing at a mind-blowing pace and has inevitably changed the way how designing is done. With advancements in Technologies like Machine Learning, (Read more about machine learning solutions and their implementation into business.) Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence and sophisticated Deep learning algorithms, design and branding industry have evolved drastically where users don’t have to always rely on a human designer for getting their website or company logo designed. It can be really boring and time-consuming for a human designer to create cookie-cutter graphic assets whereas AI algorithms can get such simple tasks done in no time at very low cost.

Some example applications that implement AI for algorithm-based design include Yandex Launcher which makes use of algorithms to automatically change the appearance of your smartphone and organize your Apps. Similarly, Apps like Prisma use neural networks and complex algorithms to stylize photos and make it appear like works of popular artists. There are Apps to even stylize streaming videos in a similar way like Aristo. AI algorithms can automatically can change the text colours based on the background colour and highlight eyes in a picture to emphasise emotion.

Technology has made a breakthrough in web designing as well and applications like “The Grid” and “Wix” make use of Artificial Intelligence to analyse the contents of the user and automatically create eye-catching website layouts. Their AI algorithms can also automatically choose colour schemes, fonts and layouts based on the objectives of the Webmaster. It can retouch and crop the photos and choose the content-presentation styles and templates for your website all by itself. Using such systems, stunning websites can be created swiftly at less than 50% of the cost involved while hiring a professional designer.

Similarly, logo and graphic design can be automated in future using machine learning algorithms. Tailor Brands has come up with a Machine learning powered branding platform to make quality design services available to small and local businesses. Logo design on Tailor Brands can be as simple as providing your brand name, tagline and a brief description of your business and the specialized AI algorithm can do all the hard work for you. You can get your company logo, business cards, social media pages and all your brand identities created in a matter of minutes with no effort. You can also customize the fonts and styles for your logo and select whether you want an Icon-based, Initial-based or Name-based logo for your company. And the important point is that you can get all this done with just one tenth of the price involved while hiring a professional designer.

Artificial Intelligence systems can play a major role in future by helping human designers in extracting and suggesting insights based on user data. For instance, an AI program can analyse millions of Instagram photos and evaluate what styles and categories of imagery are gaining popularity among the users. It can help the designers in finding out the filters, effects and colours which get the highest attention from the target audience. It can automatically come up with a draft picture based on the analysis of such huge data sets which can be used as a starting point of work by a professional designer.

We can’t deny the fact that such technological advancements may have adverse effects on the jobs of professional designers. The use of AI and machine learning to automate the design process can give very little chance for average designers to survive. Hence, designers should work on their creativity and innovation and learn to make use of such intelligent systems and AI tools to enhance their skills.