What Newbies Need To Know About SEO before Diving In


Wouldn’t you like to be able to make money by running your very own website? With your own website, you’ll be able to impact the world, spread your message and make a good amount of money along the way. Nevertheless, it is vital to realize that there is a major difference between owning a website and running a successful website. In order for your website to be successful, you’ll need to ensure it receives the maximum amount of traffic each and every day. This is why it is vital to educate yourself about search engine optimization. The basics of SEO will be explored in greater depth below.

What Is SEO?

First and foremost, you should learn exactly what SEO is. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is the process of making your website friendly for the major search engines, such as Google and Bing. As a webmaster, you will quickly learn that there are SEO factors taking place on your site and off of your site. Those on your site are much easier to control. In order to maximum the impact of your off-site SEO, you’ll need to work a little harder. Without the perfect combination of on-site and off-site SEO, your website will never be a success. This is why it is vital to learn about SEO and on-site and off-site SEO methods.

How SEO Impacts Your Website

So, why is search engine optimization so vital for all websites? When a website is properly optimized for the search engines, it will have a far better chance of ranking near the top of Google or Bing’s results. With the appropriate number of backlinks, your website will actually be able to rank on the front page for your selected keywords. This will increase the amount of attention that your website receives and will simultaneously send your traffic soaring higher and higher. While there are other ways to drive traffic to your website, search engine optimization truly offers the highest ROI or return on investment.

What Impacts Off-Site SEO?

When you get into search engine optimization, you’ll quickly realize that the majority of your time will be spent on off-site SEO or link building. Getting other webmasters to link back to your site can be difficult. Plus, you’ll need to put significant emphasis into the relevance and quality of the websites linking to your site. A solid backlink from a relevant and high-quality website will prove to be more beneficial than one hundred backlinks from spam-filled or low-quality sites.
In fact, too many backlinks from sites with lots of spam could get your site penalized by the search engines.

The Basics Of On-Site SEO

Not all SEO practices are time consuming. On-site SEO is fairly basic and straightforward. Generally, on-site SEO consists of placing your keywords in the appropriate locations on your website. This will include in your site’s title, headers, image tags, and other locations. While on-site SEO might seem simplistic, you should never neglect it. On-site SEO can make the difference between owning a successful website and receiving little to no traffic.