Top Tips for Choosing Best CDN Provider


Nowadays, using a CDN integration has become extremely popular among website owners. They choose this service because:

– It’s one of the most effective tools to speed up an online platform;
– Using a CDN can help you to decrease your hosting expenses;
– A CDN can help you boost your SEO rankings and user experience;
– With a CDN, you get a powerful tool to protect your site from being attacked by scrapers, spammers and other malicious programs.

Here are only several pros you can get from dealing with a CDN. Today, we’re going to share some information on what a CDN actually is and will give you some tips on how to choose the best CDN vendor.

A CDN: Why Should I Apply for It?

A CDN or a Content Delivery Network is a network of servers scattered around the world and used to store and deliver web content. Every time, when you sign up for a CDN for website, you let your files (JS files, CSS files, images, audio files and others) to be copied, cached and stored on these servers. So how does such solution help you to to boost up web performance?

Firstly, you get an opportunity to disperse your web content around the world with the help of a CDN. It means your target users will be able to download all necessary web files from the server located not far from their place of residence at a high speed. Moreover, a CDN helps you to reduce the load on your initial server, and even if it shuts down, you can continue running your site with the help of servers connected to the CDN network.

Some Tips on How to Choose a CDN Company

A CDN isn’t a free service: you need to choose the most suitable CDN vendor a pay monthly fee for using a CDN network of this company. The number of such companies is rather big and, sometimes, it’s quite difficult to make the right choice. So what to pay attention to while choosing a CDN vendor?

If you’re looking for a CDN provider, we advise you to pay attention to the following criteria before making the final decision:

Performance (choose a company that owns PoPs (Points of Presence) in the location you’re interested in and assess your web performance while using a CDN service provided by this company before signing up a contract with them);
Functionality (choose a company that offers a package of services you actually require);
Price (some companies have flexible range of prices and pay as you go system);
Quality of services (choose a vendor that owns a friendly and eager to help custom service employees).

Here are some tips on how to choose the best CDN vendor. We hope that our post will help you make a right decision. These tips are prepared by CDNSun company – cdn provider with affordable prices and big number of PoPs.