Check Out These Free Stock Photos has an abundance of free, high-quality Creative Commons photos for you to select from for your websites or blog posts. This free stock photo resource saves you the time and trouble of having to visit various sites and comb through their inventories to find something you can use. Feel free to mention the photographer of a print you are using, as a token of respect; and share this search tool with friends and co-workers.

Fifteen Popular Topical Selections

Business Photos

Everything from towering office buildings, to Mom and Pop businesses, and from a laptop with a cup of coffee on the side, to business people on the go, is included in this outstanding selection. Choose images depicting business symbols or images showing people in group meetings, conducting business via their laptops, and/or collaborating with one another.

Office Photos

What’s the first thing you think of when the word “office” comes to mind? Is it a row of desks or design workstations, a corner office with an outstanding view, or a conference room? You’ll find quality images of all the above and more in this great selection. Select among empty office spaces, those crowded with employees, or images featuring workforce diversification.

Food Photos

One definition high-quality in a stock photo that features food, might be an image that makes you lick your lips when you come across it. You’ll find more than a few images like that while browsing through this tasty topic. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, there’s a healthy selection of prepared foods, table settings, and people enjoying meals and snacks.

People Photos

Speaking of people; they are fun to watch; even in still photographs like this one. This diverse collection of photos includes people doing what they do best, as well as people not doing much of anything. Citizens of different countries and cultures are among the highlights; as are those who are walking, jogging, and running, and singing, talking, and texting.

Flower Photos

Flowers may not have a place in a website promoting heavy equipment, although you never know. Most website and blog niches are well served by the inclusion of images of flowers, whether they are single blossoms of favorite species, tulip fields, wildflower meadows, or flowering trees. You’ll find these, and more, in this beautiful and everchanging selection.

Computer Photos

Stock photos of laptops, vintage computers, computer graphics displays, and more, fit nicely into many different website and/or blog niches; ranging from IT sites, business and office sites, websites promoting software design, development or applications, and for that matter, computers. Here’s a selection of images of computers and accessories; and of people using them.

Sky Photos

Images of cloudy skies can be fascinating, and clear blue cloudless skies are inevitably beautiful. These stock photos take you above and beneath the clouds. They capture the colors of sunsets and sunrises, and amazing photos of the night sky are also to be found. You might even discover how captivating an image of a hazy sky can be.

Car Photos

There are all sorts of possibilities here for finding just the right image(s) for an automobile-related blog or website. You have a pick of new models, late models, vintage models, and junk cars. Choose a stock photo of a flashy foreign sports car, a Volkswagen Beetle or Bus, or a dazzling display of chrome and fins. A most interesting topic.

Dog Photos

For many dog lovers, a photo of any breed, mixed breed, or of a young dog or an old dog will do. Several favorite breeds will be found among these canine delights, together with plenty of shots of cuddly puppies, people and their dogs, kids and dogs, wiener dogs, sad eyed dogs, and dogs just chilling out.

Coffee Photos

Smell the coffee! It’s not all that hard to do with some of these images in front of you. This topic has its share of cups of coffee with an accompanying newspaper or laptop. You’ll find shots of people enjoying a good cup of coffee, coffee grinders, coffee beans (picked, and on the tree), and coffee houses – naturally including Starbucks.

City Photos

If you have a need for a famous urban landmark to dress up a project, there are some famous ones in this attractive and everchanging topical stock photo collection. City street scenes, both daytime and nighttime, are well represented. Plenty of shots of people simply enjoying life completes this fine collection of American, European, and Asian cityscapes.

Cat Photos

There are plenty of shots of adorable kittens here; but have you ever seen a kitten that is not adorable? A few big cats are represented, along with a great selection of cats and the people they own. There’s not too much in the way of images of cats dressed up; probably because most of them won’t tolerate it.

Nature Photos

Nature is a wide-open topic, but one that’s always filled with nice surprises. This selection runs the gamut of what nature holds in store. You’ll find scenic shots of mountains, beaches, lakes and meadows. Lots of flowers make an appearance; horses and a tiger do as well. The subject matter changes of course; you can always return to find something new.

Family Photos

Family can be expressed in many different fun, beautiful, and touching ways. You’ll find lots of shots of family members holding hands, walking, hiking, or playing together. Some animal species also treasure family life, and photos of them doing so are well represented here as well; ranging from elephants to swans and cygnets, and ducks and ducklings.

Music Photos

You’ve tasted the food, and smelled the coffee. How about listening to some music? This appealing collection of stock photos features musical instruments and people playing them, sheet music, crowds enjoying a rock concert, and even a vintage gramophone. While guitars and guitars seem to dominate at times, you’ll find drums, banjos, and even an accordion in the mix.


Now that you’ve discovered this awesome source of free stock images, it’s up to you to take advantage of your new discovery. Whether you use these images for your website, blog, or for some other project, is of course up to you. Come back often. There will always be something new you might have use for.