6 Vital Points to Consider While Designing The Landing Pages


Landing pages are not only an underlying part, but also an undeniable component of the comprehensive inbound marketing strategy. The landing pages are the hub of all the lead generation efforts, and thus, must be designed very carefully.

Each marketing campaign, which you run, and every offer that you want to attract our customers to, must be tied to a custom landing page. This is why, there is a great responsibility on the brand design services to create engaging landing pages. The landing pages must show a clear call to action, and should not be like the ambiguous home page, where a visitor has to guess that what should they do next.

A well designed landing page like Live Blackjack website can generate numerous leads, helping a business to increase it sales and ROI significantly. However, it should possess all the vital components which can help in achieving the desired results.

Here are the top 6 points which you must consider while designing the landing pages

Add Some HD Screenshots

To get the attention of the visitors, and to impress them with your product or service that you are promoting, add some HD visuals which showcase the most prominent features. A row of the scrolling screenshots is an amazing way to display the products or services in the most attractive way. You can also add the bold and beautiful marketing graphics to make these screenshots even more appealing.

Benefits of Your Offerings

Whether you are proffering a product, a service or simply an offer, it’s vital to add the benefits which the customers will get if they indulge with your offer. These benefits should be mentioned in a crisp and bulleted format, and each benefit must exhibit an inimitable feature of the product or service being promoted.
Your benefits should be so unique and attractive that the customers can differentiate between your product or service with its counterparts available in the market.

Usage of the Contrasting Colours

It is a well established fact that the colours can play with the psychology of the buyers, and the right usage of colours can persuade them to buy or take the next step towards a purchase. Right usage of the contrasting colours can really make your landing page incredibly attractive and capable of converting the visitors into buyers.
While using the colours always remember that your primary aim is to make your main CTA (Call To Action) to really pop off the landing page. Also, when you are encouraging your visitors to fill out a form and click on “Submit” button, ensure that it’s very easy for the visitors to see where the action can be completed.

Avoid the Visual Clutter

You may always like to display the extravagant visuals on your landing pages, but, it’s vital to understand that too much of content may appear like a visual clutter, and the visitors might find it confusing.
The A/B Tests have repeatedly revealed that the conversions suffer badly due to the inclusion of too much of an over-the-top images. Often, it distracts the reader from the main point of the landing page, creating more friction on the page instead of supporting the conversion. So, ensure that there is enough white space on the page, and the contents are evenly spread over the page and not concentrated on just one part of it.

Don’t Ignore Formatting

Formatting is probably the most vital best landing page design practice to follow while developing results-focused landing pages.
Clearly laying out the images, headlines, and forms can greatly help in highlighting the value of your offer and increase the conversions by developing a visually appealing user experience which can ideally guide the visitors to complete the conversions.

Add The Social Proof

Adding the social proof is important as it helps in enhancing the credibility of your offer and services, and it can go a long way in letting the potential customers know that you are offering reliable services or high quality products.
Just like the addition of recommendations or case studies, adding social proof to the landing pages is also important. By adding the third party credibility, the social proof can help in increasing the conversion.

Try searching the different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instgram or others, and embed the tweets or comments of the people who have availed your services or used your products, and have said nice things about it.

By considering these landing page best design practices, you can certainly increase your conversions and ensure that your visitors perform the desired action that you want them to do.