5 Best Designed Websites in 2017


The web industry appears to be an extremely evolving space. It introduces some latest techniques and technologies letting developers implement the best website designs as well as meet their users’ expectations.

New design trends appear very quickly. They create an award-winning symbiosis with some classics like retro style, patterns, and techniques that launch a web design revival. Get the inspiration from our list of best website designs 2017 that are supposed to be in common use in the nearest future. Also, if you are on the brink of bringing major changes to your website design consider using one of the following price-friendly features as it may help to reduce cost to redesign a website.


We can hardly imagine the list of best website designs without Flixel and it’s cinemagraphs. This particular style considers photos that feature repeated movements. They have recently turned into a modern trend used by many design teams. The main advantage of this particular style is the ability to make your website as visually striking and capturing as possible.

Developers can select from video or GIF formats that can be delivered in larger file sizes keeping the quality at a high level. In some cases, video streaming can be a better idea, as GIF files can sometimes exceed the size of 3MB.

If you feel like this is your cup of tea, you will certainly benefit from Flixel with some great examples of cinemagraphs. The website hosts a huge selection of videos and GIF files as well as ready projects to let you see people’s great work with your own eyes and create the best designed website ever.


It is a cool and trendy website that features authentic photos in its design. Once you got to the homepage, you can look at its amazing images for hours. Explore Africa (Exploreinc.com) certainly grabs an attention of the audience thanks to its authentic designer concept, which is the key goal of the whole website.

Explore Africa shows us why the majority of designers often ignore stock photos, as they are likely to reduce the website’s trust. For this reason, high-quality authentic photography is a good solution whenever you need to implement best design websites. Stock photos can actually spoil your design concept.

Finding an authentic photo of a premium quality is easier than ever before thanks to a growing number of online resources that offer a great alternative to some cheesy stock photos for your website design. Although they offer less content if compared with typical stock resources, they deliver authentic photos of a higher quality that may result in higher conversion rate.

The studies reveal a huge demand in candid original images that have already turned into a new design trend in 2017. Once you need to enable an efficient and capturing design, photos displaying real moment from our everyday life will be a great idea when it comes to attracting new customers and improved engagement. You can find them in different blogs, albums, and private online libraries.


Al-powered bots have already proved to have an enormous impact on the industry of web design, especially from visual perspectives. We should expect some more realistic examples of the conversational interface in terms with bots that have already became more complex this year. Believe it or not, but al-powered bots will turn into an inevitable part of every website design in the nearest future.

And that’s where Heek comes into play. It is a perfect example of such design trend implementation. The website looks both attractive and functional. Moreover, such UI feature delivers a higher users’ engagement. Visitors benefit from an intuitive interface and more efficient navigation at Heek.


The new trend of geometric patterns and lines has taken off at the end of 2016 and it still evolves. Those shapes managed to make their way to websites in many ways. You may come across designs that feature circles or triangles among images or photos.

The idea is to make the key objects less geometric heavy. Every professional designer is aware of the fact that the right use of lines and patterns affect the overall website design. Another great plus in favor of this design trend is the availability of numerous ways to integrate various geometric shapes and patterns into your website without facing any difficulties.


GS-JJ.com’s design system is a great tool for anyone looking to create custom products that are high-quality, unique, and personalized. GS-JJ‘s design system has several advantages, including:

  1. Easy to Use: The design system is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple for customers to create their own custom designs.
  2. Customization Options: There are a variety of customization options available, such as choosing the shape, size, color, and materials of your product.
  3. High-Quality Design Tools: GS-JJ.com’s design system uses high-quality design tools that allow customers to create professional-looking designs.
  4. Real-Time Design Preview: Customers can see a real-time preview of their design as they create it, which helps to ensure that they are happy with the final product.
  5. Fast Turnaround Time: GS-JJ.com’s design system allows for fast turnaround times, ensuring that customers receive their custom products quickly and efficiently.


We have covered top 5 modern trends in the field of web design. All of them will certainly evolve during 2017 grabbing the attention of designers without any exception. Of course, you can opt for some other trends like animation, modern retro, material design, creative typography and more.

These tools shape the way we interact with web resources. Some of them are essential when it comes to business perspectives and increased rates. On the other hand, the idea is to create a harmonious symbiosis of all website components like “design + content”. And that is what it’s all about.

If you want to check more great website design examples, you can always do that at agentestudio.com.