4 Ways to Build a Professional Web Design Business


Building and growing a professional web design business doesn’t have to be challenging. If you’re committed to doing great work and hungry to grow your business, you can succeed. It’ll take time and some preparation, but there’s no greater reward than building a successful business. If you’re ready to move from employee to business owner, or you’re just looking for new ways to maximize your business, then here are 4 ways to build a professional web design business.

Establish a business and marketing plan

Before you begin selling your services, you must establish a great business and marketing plan. A business plan will explain which services you’re going to offer, how you’re going to find customers, and what your goals are for the next few years. In addition to creating a business plan, you should also create a marketing plan. The marketing plan describes how you’ll advertise to customers, and the objectives you want to achieve from your marketing. If you need assistance building your business and marketing plans, then check out the US Small Business Administration guide.

Build your website while including a service price list

Since you’re going to locate businesses and professionals that need website design, you should start by creating a website of your own! This website will explain the services that you offer, while also highlighting some of your previous work. Build a portfolio website that shows potential clients what to expect from your work and include a service price list. This will help prospective customers understand how much to budget to purchase a website from you.

Set up a quiet workspace

As a web designer, you need a great location to work. If you want to work from home, consider setting up a virtual office to give potential clients access to a live receptionist, and for your own unique business address. If you want to meet with clients at your business, and you have a bit more of a budget, then you can also consider office rental at a coworking space like Common Desk. Co-working space is much more affordable than a regular brick and mortar location, plus you’ll give the first impression of being your area’s local web design professional.

Create a business referral network

Networking is one of the best ways to find clients and grow your business. Since you’ll be working with people who need websites designed, they’ll also have a need for additional services like copywriting, graphic design, and more. Contact professionals who offer these services and check if they’re aware of anyone who needs website design. Then, refer your clients to those professionals and create a referral network. Utilizing a referral network can bring you more customers, and possibly give your business a new referral monetization method.

Using these four tips will help you locate your first customers and make your first year as a professional web designer a success. Do you have experience with any of these tips? Share your web design success below and tell us what tips you have for running a web design business.