To What Extend Has Technology Allowed Us to Develop As a Society?


It is impossible to not be impressed by or influenced by technology in our day to day lives. Technology is a powerful tool that can be used to completely alter the way we live and how we interact with one another. Tech such as 3D printing allows us to alter how we manufacture things and apps have proven to alter the way we act (from the ways we talk on social media to the way we shop online). Or even a tech like call routing software that works as a back-office application which manages all tracking job, distribution and billing needs for any lead company.Today we are closer to all tech than ever before so it’s important to evaluate to what extent technology has allowed us to develop as a society.

Social media revolutionized

We now get to carry everyone we know (from our mates to our favourite celebs) in our hands and pockets thanks to the invention of smart phone social media apps. While this has linked to depression by some people who see social media as a way to only highlight the very best aspects of our favourite celebrities lives and lead us to have our own high expectations to mimic them, it can be seen as a source of inspiration for others. Celebrities have influenced us to try new and exciting beauty treatments such as IPL hair removal in London, which means we can have a slice of the celebrity lifestyle for ourselves!

Robots at work

Mechanisation is all part of the industrial revolution that is taking place in our world on a daily basis. Today robots and mechanical devices lessen our workload and allow us to be able to do more work in less time due to their efficiency and how affordable they are to purchase now. We have even been able to come up with new techniques and make product developments as a result of improved technology.

3D printing makes us creative

3D printing was an extreme and exciting concept a few years ago until they became more readily available to the mass market. 3D printing is paving the way for advances in medicine and allows us to be more creative than ever when it comes to sculpture and art work. This new way of producing and consuming products has meant that we have a whole new marketplace to enjoy.

Nano-filtration for clean water

There is plenty of water to go around in the world, unfortunately it is often inaccessible for people as it can be unsafe to drink and can pose health risks. The development of Nano-filtration has meant that it is now easier than ever to purify your water and the process can even remove parasites, bacteria, pathogens and other bacteria that cause upwards of 3 million people to die each year as a result of drinking unsafe water.

Self-drive cars

The revolution that involves cars driving without a driver is being developed as we speak. Google estimates that the introduction of self-drive cars in 2018 could save half of the 1.2 million lives that are lost each year due to car accidents. This has also resulted in other big companies such as Toyota and Audi to compete with Google and produce their own self driving cars.