What Can Technology Do For You?


Technology is quickly evolving, and there have been some hugely helpful developments which are not only helping businesses, but also helping individuals to achieve things that they may never have thought possible. Here, we’re taking a look at some of the simplest, yet most helpful and effective technological advancements that have been introduced over the years. From the internet being introduced back in 1996, to advanced technological techniques that are changing the way that we live and do things in life, take a look at our list to determine what technology can do for you.


When it comes to connecting gadgets, there’s no technological advancement that does it better than Bluetooth. Introduced in the 21st century to mobile phones and computers, Bluetooth allowed file sharing across devices, and quickly became an important part of daily lives and the internet. In fact, some people say that Bluetooth is the reason why certain Cloud based sharing options have become available as a development of this 21st century technology – helping to streamline business operations, and make storing files for individuals easier than ever.

AbioCor Artificial Heart

This artificial heart was the first to replace a real human heart, and was used in an operation back in 2001. Unlike previous attempts at producing an artificial heart, Abiocor produced one that didn’t need intrusive wires meaning the risk of infection was dramatically lowered. While they haven’t been used in many operations at all, the ones that they have been used in (very few) appear to have so far been successful.

Mobility Scooters

While this may seem like a basic choice after talking about technological advances in Bluetooth and artificial hearts, mobility scooters have actually provided a huge impact for those who are unable to move around by themselves. Finding mobility scooters that feature comfort and all-terrain ability, for an immobile person, or for someone who can’t walk as far as they used to be able to through illness or old age, has never been easier, and these have dramatically improved the lives of a lot of people, as they can drive around a range of terrains and more.

Search Engines

When it comes to finding the right information at the right time, almost instantly, search engines have provided a hugely important part in the process. Search engines are now smart enough to filter through the relevancy of what’s on a site in relation to what you’re searching for. Whether you use Google, Bing or another search engine, you will find that there are a huge range of ways that you can find the information you need quickly. This is also providing businesses with brand new ways to market their brand, through techniques like search engine optimisation. The internet is a huge place, but search engines use their algorithms to filter through the billions of pages and websites to find you the right information. Algorithms are regularly updating on search engines too, meaning technology is getting even smarter to ensure that all of the right information is found, quickly and efficiently for the searcher.