The World’s Best Logos – Infographic


We’ve taken a look at 10 of the world’s most recognizable brands and what makes their logos so successful.


Companies such as Apple, Coca Cola, Nike, Disney, McDonalds, Facebook, American Express, Google, Windows 8 and HP. Each of the logos are as unique and memorable as each other. Some logos have changed slightly over the years, Companies such as Apple and Google. Today’s iconic monochrome logo of Apple started out with multicolour stripes in 1977 but then changes to one bold color in the late 90’s. Google have always had a very simple logo with the 4 different colors that spell out google, these colors are Blue, Red, Yellow and Green.

Most Memorable

With nothing more than a well designed “Swoosh” and a powerful strapline. Nike have managed to create what is arguably the most memorable sporting brand image in history. Whenever anybody is shopping for new athletic shoes nowadays, Nike will always spring to mind. I believe Disney is also an extremely memorable logo because Walt Disney’s signature has been used against a number of different backgrounds over the years but it is the single word “Disney” in that distinctive cursive script that has endured throughout and become possibly the most recognizable brand logo of all time. Here is the infographic from Outré Creative