How to Fit Videos into a Marketing Strategy for Online Businesses


All too often people hear about the strengths of videos in marketing and immediately rush to cash in on it. In the process the videos often end up as a piecemeal assortment of content that has no firm place in the marketing strategy of a whole – and thus its benefits are diminished. Rather than falling into that trap, you should take steps to make sure your videos ‘fit’ into your marketing strategy.

A Role of Every Video

The first thing that you need to do is identify the role that you intend your video to fulfill. It is important to note that videos can be used in a number of different roles, including traffic generation, lead generation, blog or website content, brand awareness, and so on. The reason why identifying the role of the video is important is because it will help you to optimize the video so that it is able to accomplish its goal.

Depending on how your marketing strategy is structured as well as the products or services you’re promoting you may find that videos fit better in a particular role. Some types of videos also fit better in certain roles such as guides and tutorials that are a great form of content, whereas more promotional videos are better suited for traffic or lead generation.

In some cases you may even want to use videos in multiple different roles, or re-use the same video with some small changes for it to fit into a different role. For example when you’re using a particular video to generate traffic you may want to create several versions of it to distribute across various video sharing and social media platforms – each with different lengths depending on the demographic of the platform that you’re using it on.

If you want to create videos by recording your screen then you can do so using Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac. It is an easy-to-use screen capture software that will even let you screen capture on iPad and other Apple devices which may be perfect for mobile apps and games.

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Having the features in Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac should help when you want to create professional-looking and attractive videos that really grab people’s attention. More importantly because it is so user-friendly you should have no trouble learning the ropes – even if you’re new to video creation.