How To Make Your Home A Calm Place To Be


A person’s home should be their castle, a place to relax and unwind at the end of a long and stressful working day. Which is why there can be nothing worse than coming home to a house with drab colours, dingy lighting and clutter everywhere. There are a number of key adjustments you can make to your home so that it is a place you look forward to returning to and ensure that your home is a place of calmness and tranquillity.


When decorating your home you may pick colours that are either your favourite or you think work well together. Instead, take the time to consider the psychology behind certain colours as picking the right colours first time will save you from having to redecorate further down the line. While red obviously conjures up images of heat, warmth and comfort, it is also a very aggressive and angry colour that may not be as calming as you’d hoped. Blue is a far more calm and peaceful colour, but you may also find it quite cold. Green is a very peaceful colour and may well provide your home with a fresh and earthy atmosphere.


Having one overhead light may seem simpler, but it can also provide a very harsh light that dominates the entire room. It can be a better idea to add a number of lamps around your home providing multiple light sources which means you have different levels of brightness according to your preference. LED light panels are a very modern option and will reflect your creativity around your home. You may also wish to try out different coloured bulbs in certain rooms to dictate certain moods.


Allocate different rooms of your house for very specifically different activities and make sure you stick to them. This means not eating dinner in any room other than the dining room, discouraging the use of electronic devices in the bedroom. Getting into these kinds of habits will automatically send a cue to your subconscious that being in a specific room means that it is time for a specific activity. Allowing yourself to embrace these routines will bring an element of structure to your life and should make for a wave of calmness through your home.


Clutter is among the biggest reasons for stress at home, especially when it means being unable to find your keys or the remote. This can mean investing in some intricate shelving that allows you to organise all of your miscellaneous items, and perhaps more hangers too so there’s no reason for clothes to be strewn all over the floor. Your nightstand, especially, should be as clear as possible as it’s located right where you sleep. There’s no reason to have anything more than a lamp, your book and a glass of water at your bedside.