Designing for the Masses

Ways That You Can Make Your Designs Get Noticed

Designers put their hearts and souls into every design they produce. Design is not like just putting a few colors together or making something that appeals to many people. It is about taking your inner most thoughts and expressing them onto paper, computer, or any other form of medium and allowing others to see a little bit of your true self. Designers throughout the world want to portray their designs in a way that makes them stand out, but when they present their designs to potential investors the design can often fall flat for lack of true originality. We all have this perception of what people want to see during a presentation, but what we really need to be focusing on is how our designs are being perceived and how we are presenting them. These tips can help you make your designs pop while others still fall flat.

Simplicity at its Best

Designers can sometimes go a little over the top when presenting their designs to others. They want their designs to stand out and therefore they will use any number of flashy techniques to attempt to give the presentation a sense of personality. The people that you are presenting your designs to have likely seen and heard it all, so there are no flashy techniques that are likely to get their attention. There is however one thing that can be done that seems to attract more attention than one would think during a presentation and that is simplicity.


There is so much emphasis in the world today on being flashy and loud during presentations. We see the influences on billboards that seem to scream at you while driving down the highway, but it is often the simple nature that attracts more than flash. Good designs can stand out on their own. They do not require a lot of puff to build them up. During your presentation try to practice modesty in a sense with fonts that evoke professionalism above flash and colors that are a bit more subdued than the standard high intensity offering that many designers turn to.

Use Technology

Presentations were once all about setting up boards for hours and making sure that the lighting in the room was perfect. People no longer have time for such expansive presentations and therefore your presenting time may be greatly reduced. You want to make an impact on the people in the room, but you may have little time to set up. Technology can help you more than anything else in this aspect.

Technology is not just about having a computer in the room that will work with the presentation or having the right equipment to enable you to utilize the equipment that may already be present. It is about having the props in place where you need them. Being able to give your audience something tangible that they can hold. Having a 3D model of your design on a screen is one thing, but when you are able to give your potential investors a 3D printed model of your actual design you can give them a much better perspective of what you are trying to achieve. 3D printed models are relatively inexpensive and add great depth to your overall presentation.

Choose Calm Colors

colour-schemeThe colors that you choose to use during your presentation will have a great impact on your audience. Choosing very distinct and drastic colors can sometimes make your audience feel as though they are being bombarded by the colors, but more a more subdued color scheme has the opposite effect. Lighter colors make people feel comfortable and their use during your presentation will give you the ability to connect with the audience more freely. It is important that every aspect of your presentation works together to give your audience the full experience you desire so they get the true perspective of what you are presenting them.

Throughout the years there have been many people try a number of different techniques during presentations. Some have used the shock and awe routine to get the audience’s attention while others have utilized skits to try to win over the audience. The people you are presenting to are likely not going to be people that are new to the industry, so you can bet that they have seen it all.

You want your presentation to project your design in the best light possible and therefore attention grabbing tactics will only draw attention to yourself and away from your design. Before presenting your idea make sure that you practice in front of people that you trust and that will give you their honest and sometimes abrupt opinions so that your design stands out for the right reasons instead of all of the wrong ones.