Codester – Best Online Marketplace For Developers And Designers


Codester is one of the newest online marketplaces for designers and developers where they buy and sell ready-to-use components to reduce developing time, and, by consequence, the cost of the project they’re working on (because of the well-known ‘Time is money’ saying). The advantages of Codester compared to other design markets are numerous, from a diverse offer to a good deal for opening a store, from a licensed product to an affiliate program. It is a relatively new market, having its big boost just last year (2015), but steadily growing on top of other places mistakes, Codester is taking a big step forward by having such diversity and clean user interface that will help them conquer the market bit by bit. They have a star rating system, but don’t want to implement selling charts because of psychological reasons (so you know they have studied every aspect of the site). We’re going to discuss below the advantages of every sales section they have and other features. Enjoy!


Being a freelance developer is really based on the speed of taking a project into shipping phase. Being part of a team is not better, letting you with no opportunity but solving your part of the application as fast as possible. Sometimes there are projects when you can reuse older code and skip some of the boring steps of implementing something over and over again, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes you just need that long but well-known script in a different language. You don’t want to reinvent the wheel. And that’s when Codester’s ‘Script & Code’ section might be your best friend. They sell in all main languages, from Python, Java and C# to Ruby and PHP. You can also get Javascript pieces of code that may help with your website’s functionality. They have opened this section of products, and even if it is the one with the lowest amount of products it is certain it will grow faster than the others (except icons, maybe).

For a newbie, or a starting freelancer, getting to create an application is not such easy as it might seem. And there’s no question about using another service that will take care of your order and build an app for you for some price. You just want to be part of the coding, but you don’t know how to start or how to organise yourself. But all that trouble can be solved by purchasing the complete application source codes from Codester. You can make a mobile games for both iOS and Android, or handy applications for Unity. They have also a few apps in Corona or Titanium, just great for you to experiment the full size of a project in that languages. You can use these source codes as a starting point experience in your career, but also can get a game, reskin it with graphic assets also from Codester and launch it on a mobile store.

Codester has a Graphics section where they sell most things you would need for creating an app and promoting it. They come with some neat user interfaces (PSD designs that you can start building your app from), game assets (like character sprites and gems), icons and mockups for selling your own product. Surprisingly, they have a wide range of logo concepts for companies like ecology NGOs, trucking, food carts, restaurants, games, commerce platforms and others. It’s obvious that this a best-selling item. And when you are solely a freelance developer, hiring a designer for each of these jobs might end up costing you a lot more that what you will get for payment yourself. And let’s be honest, in the time it would take to make those graphics yourself, you could have coded a better project. So why wouldn’t you buy the icons and other stuff right from the start, knowing you will only have more time to do what you love so much?


At last, we’re talking about web templates, themes and website plugins. They sell HTML5 semantic coded templates alongside themes for the most common content management systems out there for business, portfolio or blogging. And they’re serious – they support the top dozen ones – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, to name a few (these top three controlling 50% of the market). You can have a Shopify or WooCommerce theme for an online store or even a Tumblr theme, as it is the fastest growing blogging network. They offer plugins for all of these, to manage everything from the user experience on the frontend to website administration and statistics to know your website’s soft-spots (the ones who make your leads constant). To sum up, their web offer is quite complete and you should check it out if you want to get something specific. You might find some great offers, when talking about prices.

A great way of getting a passive income is by uploading your items to Codester. Become a seller and get a 70% commission on every purchase yu make, and that income will be transferred to your bank account or your PayPal once a month. The advantage of starting a business on Codester is the lack of annoying restrictions. You can upload for free and you don’t need a minimum number of purchases to get your money, as in other platforms. Also, you remain with the right of selling your items elsewhere so your chances of getting a purchase only increase. By having more sellers, Codester is growing too, so you’ll help them and your products will get more acquisitions.

Their affiliate program is quite an interesting marketing choice, as it grows as an inside market between developers, each happy customer generating another lead by sharing the affiliate link with his friends. As a bonus, every purchase somebody makes from an user coming from your affiliate link is giving you a 20% commission. Their affiliate tracking cookie lasts for 90 days (that’s the period each signup somebody makes under your link will give you a passive income), so you should be fairly active (but not too much), about four times a year to have a set of incomes you don’t need to stress about every day. Referring is a smart way of creating new leads for them and a helpful feature for you as a social leader. Further. they provide even banners to add to your websites for a greater chance of getting views.


All in all, we hope that we covered everything you need to know about Codester before you take a decision on whether you should make an account or not. I’m telling you, you should! Apart from all the proper. materialistic stuff, they have a blog with tips for web developers coming regularly and a forum where you can get answers from the website administrators. So your needs come first. As this market is growing, you should keep en eye open for new rewarding deals that can boost your activity above today’s limits. You’re efficiency is all that matters in an age based on the speed of delivery, where attention spans are getting shorter. Codester helps you get that attention span focused on your products.

You should try this awesome platform, everybody is happy with it !