7 Dynamic Trends in SEO


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is made to change. It both enables and polices web traffic. It has to evolve with time and use, and you can expect significant advances in the coming years. Start with these seven dynamic trends in SEO:

1. Assisted Search: As algorithms take more ownership of what you like and want, you will be able to opt in or out of virtual assistance. You will have your own secret shopper or search avatar that takes you to clusters that your behavior has preferred over time. Alexis, Cortana, and Siri will mature and start to lead more than react. With SEO learning to bring your local connections and geography closer to your door, you will find you assistants finding your solutions closer to home.

2. Mobile Rules: SEO will move with you away from desktop searching. While the user is unaware, the technology of mobile searching differs from legacy platforms. Navigation speed and appearance will change with the move to smaller screens and a disappearing keyboard.

3. Power Class: Intended or not, big interests will dominate traffic even more than they do now. If will be increasingly difficult for small users to compete for the traffic without spending on professional SEO assistance.


4. Voice Driven: Improving voice recognition technology changes your relationship with browsing. Already well used by those born to computers, mobile users will find it convenient and resourceful to tell their browsers what to do and where to go. SEO will morph into Conversation Recognition Optimization (CRO) that is likely to speed searches and the big data that comes with it.

5. Quality Content: Getting your content to the top of the response list will demand higher quality content in form and subject matter. Only rich answers, marked by long-tail key words,, will differentiate your value from non-proprietary content.

6. Dark Matter: At one time, searches were simply counted. But, analytics now differentiate the quality of the search. Google Scholar was a small step in the direction of distinguishing a search to find merchandise from a need to resolve a query. While certainly not eliminating tangential material like data related to applications and advertising, SEO will give site owners a better chance of stepping out of the dark.

7. Video Content: Videos will surpass content copy in popularity and effectiveness. As Target Marketing says, video “is much more engaging and shareable than text.” You see videos everyday and more frequently on social media, and mobile devices find them user friendly. Moreover, videos demonstrate product more effectively than copy explains.

Most small business owners run what you might call “vanity sites” because they are not effectively reaching browsers. Most business owners have neither the skill nor time to design and manage their sites to promote search engine optimization.

SEO service firms

Few businesses have the staff to run SEO, so they seek the help outside experts in firms like YouthNoise, a Chicago SEO company. They help you identify your true need. And, they offer strategic solutions and methodologies in ways you can understand and implement.

An SEO firm will work to ensure that search engines can find your site and improve your chances of getting a high ranking. SEO experts come with a wide range of tools, strategies, and options. They may be an as-needed consultant or a retained contract service. But, you need to partner with SEO-smart people to position your business well.

Wendy is a super-connector with OutreachMama who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.

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