15 New Free Photoshop PSD Mockups For Designers


Photoshop mockups, known as PSD mockups, are design layouts which a web designer creates to show how they expect a final website or a product to look. They’re the next step after producing an early prototype design wire-frame layout. A PSD mockup provides the Photoshop-formatted files with all the detail and design choices including graphics, navigation elements, content areas and final tweaks to show how a fully-developed site is expected to appear to the visitor once it is launched or relaunched.

High quality mockups ensure that designers have fully understood the client brief, acted on their requests and have produced a new site design that will be pleasing to the recipient. Once sign off has occurred, a web designer can go ahead producing the live site product. Making changes after actual programming is far more difficult, time-consuming and costly to all parties and causes deadlines to move forward dramatically, so approval of a PSD mockup is essential before proceeding with the final web site development.


PSD Newspaper Mockups

psd mockupSource


Bus Stop Billboard Banner Mockup

2.psd mockupSource


Outdoor Advertisement Store Sign

3.psd mockupSource


Display Window Mockup

4.psd mockupSource


Cardboard Box PSD MockUp

5.psd mockupSource


Branding/Identity MockUp Scene

6.psd mockupSource


Food Packaging & Branding MockUps

7.psd mockupSource


Bread Presentation Mockup

9.psd mockup


Translucent Plastic Business Card Mockup

10.psd mockupSource


Versatile Bottle MockUp

11.psd mockupSource


Branding / Identity MockUp

12.psd mockupSource