Ten Most Common Mistakes in Logo Design


A great company is not only known for its service but also for its logo design. Viewers should get attracted to the logo that entices to go ahead and gain service. An appealing logo is also the sign of creative mind behind the company. However, there are certain pitfalls that are witnessed while creating a logo. Be it in the color, design, size or creative thought, a bad logo won’t appeal to the audience. A custom logo design shouldn’t be hard to recognise and understand. It is important to hire an experience and creative mind behind the making of design.


Let us now check top 10 common mistakes seen in logo design:

1. Designing according to the Trend: The online trend changes rapidly and need to think ahead of time. Choosing a design for the logo which is according to the current trend will likely go outdate after the trend changes.

2. Overly colored Design: A simple and subtle looking logo always appeals to the eyes. Multiple and strong contrast colors, can avoid viewers’ attention. Moreover, it can be confusing too. Try keeping the color to maximum of 3 or use logical combination of colors.

3. Wrong Font and Design: If your logo has text with an alien looking font, then it will surely take away viewers eyeballs. Never confuse the reader with font. Simple and subtle looking font matching the color of the design will help in understanding the logo.

4. Failing to Transfer: Many designers while designing the logo forget to think that it will be transferred across range of different mediums. So the design, color, font should work with different printing materials.

5. Copying Design Ideas: This is the biggest mistake or can be said as the fraud practiced by logo designers. There are logos that replicate other brand logos making it a copyright issue. This certainly brings down company’s credibility and sued for this act. The purpose of the logo is to make your brand stand out.

6. Use of Stock Art: Many designers when go out of imagination use stock image site to create a backbone of logo. This majorly happens when the logo designers have no clue and look for ideas.

7. Use of too many fonts: A logo with simple and single font drives attraction. Many designs have multiple fonts creating confusion and distort the idea of your brand.

8. Not understanding the concept: Logo design should clearly indicate what your service is. A confused logo will make the viewer confuse. So it is important for a designer to design the logo accordingly.

9. Checklist Fail: It is important for a designer to have checklist once the design is ready. Second pair of eyes will certainly give inputs on color or design. This will also help in getting better ideas, rather than just going ahead to publish.

10. Overdoing of special effects: Too much of 3D art or special effects can ruin the design. Many logos fail to attract due to overdoing of special effects. Using simple techniques can help in retaining eyeballs.

Perhaps, the best way to overcome from the logo design failure is to have proper study about the company and having proper brainstorming session. This will certainly help company in long run.