Elements of a Successful Health Blog


If there is anything that is important to literally every person living on Planet Earth is the fact that everyone must stay healthy in order to live. Without food and drink you would surely not live more than a short period of time and without a healthy lifestyle you won’t live life with any kind of quality whatsoever. Because health is so important to everyone, health blogs are some of the most well-read sites online. If you want to design a health blog, there are some elements which are an absolute must if it is to be a success.


Accurate and Well Researched Information

If you are going to maintain a health blog, the most important aspect you should always keep in mind is that some people may be looking for solutions to very real health problems. If you write on anything related to illnesses or conditions and are also selling ‘remedies,’ the information you provide should be well researched and as accurate as humanly possible. Don’t just write what you think will sell product because some unwitting person might take your word as gospel. Unless you have researched what you are writing about, never make ‘educated guesses’ – for some it could be a matter of life and death.

Disclaimers for Your Own Protection

Every successful website will always contain one or more disclaimers. Unless you are a board certified and licensed professional, a disclaimer could save you from a whole lot of legal entanglements. Some advice could be construed as a prescription such as for supplements, so tread lightly. Make sure to tell your readers that they should always seek medical advice from a licensed physician before altering anything whatsoever in their lifestyle. This is an absolute must!

Cite Recognized Authorities

Again, if you are not a licensed medical professional, always cite recognized authorities. For example, when explaining how supplementing with organic sulphur can have therapeutic effects, it is always in your best interest to cite an authority that substantiates your claims. Some of the more reputable sites would include the Mayo Clinic, the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health and even WebMD. In fact, the National Institutes of Health even stated that supplementation with organic sulphur may be an effective treatment for such things as pain, allergies, injuries and disorders of the bladder. For a governmental body, those are strong words of authority indeed.

In addition to the legal requirements when maintaining a health blog there are ethical issues as well. When writing about how people can improve their health, wrong information can cause serious harm in some cases. An honest and ethical health blog will be well-respected and viewed as a site of authority by Google and the other search engines over time. Not only will you gain in rank but your honest reviews and helpful tips will help you sell those products that monetize your site. Honesty is always important but never more so than on a health blog, so always keep that in mind when maintaining yours.