Blogging : Monetizing Your Site


With the rise of ecommerce, increasing numbers of people are looking to make money online. Some don’t really want to go to all the bother of setting up a web store so they look to monetize a blog site. It is easy to do once you understand the process. It will take some time and effort but in the end you will find that there are ways to automate your site so that it continues to make money while you spend your time blogging away.
If you are thinking about learning how to start a blog to make money, here are some tips on monetizing your website when you get it set up and start earning some traffic.


1. Choose a Niche Carefully

The first thing you should think about is what niche you are most comfortable with. Blogging is 99% content and unless you are comfortable with the subject matter you will find it hard to build a site of authority. Google and your visitors will quickly pass you by if you don’t have something informative and relevant to say on your blog.

2. Pick an Engaging Domain Name

Once you have decided upon a niche, pick a domain name that makes sense. You may not get your first choice when searching the registrars but with a bit of perseverance you will find one that correlates to your niche and is catchy enough to be remembered.

3. Populate Your Site with Quality Content

Here again, it is vital that you build a site of authority. Not only do you want to impress your visitors with your experience and knowledge to build trust in what you are promoting, but Google will undoubtedly penalize you if your content is shallow and lacking in technique. Anything other than quality content can easily be construed as spam, so make sure you provide the highest quality blog posts.
If you want searchers to find you, it is important for Google to like what they see when crawling your site. The quickest way to get noticed by Google is with well-written, informative content.

4. Focus on SEO – If You Can’t Say Something Good…

SEO is also an important factor when building a blog to make money. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is the use of competitive keywords that people are searching for within your niche.
Unfortunately, in recent years some people took this to extremes and simply uploaded pages and pages of nothing more than keywords and combinations of competitive keywords. Google sees this as spam so it would be better for you to use fewer keywords but more intelligently than to have your site penalized for breaking the rules.
If you don’t have something of importance to say that is well formatted and grammatically correct, don’t post anything at all.

5. Carefully Choose Income Streams to Coincide with Your Niche

Now then, here is where the fun begins. There are a number of ways to monetize your site so that you can start building what is known as a residual income. Some bloggers become affiliates of larger companies and receive commissions on any products that are sold via links from their sites.

Others consider Clickbank as an another affiliate network. But unlike traditional affiliate platforms, Clickbank serves like a marketplace who create products and affiliates. You can learn about clickbank affiliate marketing in various sites.

If you are truly interested in how to start a blog to make money you will take the time to understand each of these steps and put them to work for you. There is money to be made out there – lots of it – so go out and get it!