Why Printed Marketing Materials Are Still A Big Asset in the Digital Age


Even though everyone seems to be talking about marketing your business online since society has entered the digital age, the truth is that printed marketing materials are still very much necessary. In fact, it is important to implement the best of both print and digital marketing tactics when promoting your business and brand.
Check out the information below to learn why printed marketing materials are still a big asset in the digital age.

Branded Materials People Can Use

There are a variety of branded promotional materials that you can hand out at special events, workshops, meetings, sales presentations, and more. In fact, every time you meet a potential client, you can hand out these materials to give them something that they can bring home or back to work with them and continue using. For example, check out the many products available at showcasecreative.com, which range from customisable calendars and folders, to binders, slipcases, and more.

Print Ads are Deemed More Trustworthy

Many consumers are sceptical of what they see online, especially when it comes to banner ads on the websites that they visit. Emails can also be viewed as spam and blocked, and pop-up ads can certainly be blocked because they are so annoying. But when these same people see ads within print publications like magazines and newspapers, they tend to view them as more legitimate and trustworthy. Therefore, in addition to promoting yourself online, don’t forget the importance of also purchasing some ad space in print.

Get People to Be More Engaged

Consumers are constantly being bombarded by advertisements everywhere they go, from billboards on the highway, to advertisements on TV and on the radio. Plus, they are also constantly seeing ads online, even when they are on social media. Therefore, it takes quite a bit of effort on your part to get these people to really engage with what you are trying to tell them.
Research has shown that consumers are less engaged when they are reading content online. For example, on average, a person will skim an entire website in about 15 seconds, but they will spend a bit more time checking out a printed material before deciding if they want to learn more.

Standing Out Against the Competition

Because fewer companies are choosing to use printed marketing materials, it can be easier for you to stand out if you decide to take this route. So while the internet world may be saturated with ads everywhere you turn, people’s mailboxes tend to be less full of competitors’ ads, which means you can take advantage of the attention that you will receive as a result. So go ahead and send out some branded postcards and information.
Even though most people rely upon digital communication and marketing to reach their customers, there are still many smart business owners who are employing traditional marketing strategies that involve print media. To really engage with your audience and get them to stop and pay attention rather than block you out completely, printed marketing materials are necessary.

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