Project with mike’s HARDER: Design the Next Can -Passionfruit


Calling all designers and illustrators! Have you ever dreamed of having your artwork on thousands of cans sold nationwide? Well here’s your chance- mike’s HARDER is looking for YOU to help them design their next seasonal flavor, Passionfruit.


Your Mission:

Create jaw-dropping, knee-slapping, thirst-inducing can artwork inspired by the new mike’s HARDER seasonal flavor PASSION FRUIT, using your computer, finger paint, mom’s Pomeranian—or whatever other tools you’ve got lying around.

Bonus points for somehow conveying the fruit in your artwork – this could be through colors, imagery or something cool we haven’t seen before.

You can submit a single piece of artwork, several can designs or even make it a trilogy, if you’re into that kind of thing.

After submitting your designs, fan voting will help determine their favorite 10 designs. A judging panel will determine final decisions of up to 3 winning designs.

If chosen, your artwork will be emblazoned on 1 of 3 limited edition cans and distributed throughout the U.S next summer.

Oh, and you’ll split the $30,000 prize with the other winners. That’s potentially a stack of $10,000 in that classy money clip you’ve always wanted.

Click here to read the complete brief and more requirements regarding this project!