Material Design Lite for Ionic Framework


Material Design Lite for Ionic Framework brings Material Design to your Ionic based applications. This simple module will update Ionic Frameworks’s common components and directives to use Google’s Material Design (Lite) for the Android platform automatically.

Material Design Lite reduces a lot of the boilerplate and dependencies on external libraries and frameworks such as Polymer. Other efforts have implemented the Material Design specification badly, built it to be workflow intensive or gets outdated quickly.

1.Material Design Lite for Ionic Framework

This project includes the Google implementation directly allowing for a frictionless implementation and relatively quick upgrade path.

Override styles for both platforms (iOS/Android)

You can override both iOS and Android platform styles to use Material Design (Lite) by adding a single line of config to your application.Otherwise only Android will use the Material Design (Lite) styles.

2.Material Design Lite for Ionic Framework

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