AcceCSS – A Sass Mixin That debugs & checks the accessibility of your designs


AcceCSS is a Sass Mixin that debugs & checks the accessibility of your designs.This mixin will allow you to get an overview of all the zones of your layout, get a grayscaled version to check the contrast, as well as 8 different filters to emulate the most common coloblindness types.

The AcceCSS mixin will work in any major evergreen brother : Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, IE (partial).


“The API” is the few parameters you will be able to change or combine to use the AcceCSS mixin, it’s composed of 4 paramters so far

@include accecss( false, false , false , false );
                   ^       ^        ^        ^
           selector | css zones | grayscale | colorblind filter


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