15 Clever Tools To Find Some Cool Domain Name Ideas


Choosing an ideal domain name is quite difficult in modern times because so many names have already been registered that simply coming up with name combinations will usually draw a blank with all good top level domain (TLD) or generic domains already taken.

Because of this, innovative domain search tools have cropped up which can take a word or a collection of ideas and then run multiple searches for any available domains that could be registered which include the word or phrase needed. This can save much time along the way.

Here are a few tools that offer various ways to search for available domain names for registration.


DomainsbotWide ranging domain searches including all the available new generic domains.



PanabeeEnter a search term and see many interesting alternative domain ideas. Add generic domains to the search matching list if desired as well.



DomizeDomize using an instant search approach where a new search result is update via AJAX coding as each character is entered. The search prioritizes the availability of .com, .co., .net, .org and .io domains first.



DomainrType in the chosen domain words together and see what top level domains and generic domains are available for registration.


Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain SearchLean Domain Search is one of the best multi word search tools. Enter a single word and it is matched will all possible combinations available across many TLDs. Enter more than one term and these are matched together with others as well.


Busta Name

Busta NameBusta Name is one of the other single and multiple word search tools that can help to brainstorm domain name ideas based around what is available for registration currently.



ImpossibilityImpossibility is all about adding adjectives, verbs, nouns or a mixed bag perhaps of all of the above, either to the front or the back of the entered single word search term.



NameboyNameBoy is popular as a search tool for generating domain ideas. With NameBody it is possible to add a primary and a secondary search word if both are needed.



DomaintyperWith Domaintyper you type in the ideal domain complete with TLD and then you are presented with which domains are available. Add .co and other less popular choices. The auto update front page feature is also useful if you want to keep watching a domain that may become available soon.



NamemeshNamemesh used a mixed approach to search terms. See SEO based results, fun or short results, a mix of different ideas around the search term and available domains using new generic ones.



WordoidWordoid is based around the idea of creating quirky, fun or memorable names that are more of a play on words and not actual real word combinations. i.e. Wordoid which is not a real word or word combination but still manages to convey the meaning.



DotomatorDotomator lets you add beginnings and endings and the software can come up with word combination options. There are also some category choices to select instead of coming up with your own ideas.


Name Tumbler

Name TumblerThis suggestion tool can combine words and use suggestions. It also can include all the new generic domain availability with the search term.



NamestallNamestall is one of the more advanced domain searches. It brings up available names, plus competition percentages, the ad cost per click, as well as the .com, net., .org and .info availability.