How to Design Your Website to Increase the Rate of Conversion?


If you want to reach out to the target audience of your business, having a website is a must these days. It plays a major role in ensuring a firm online presence for your brand. But that’s not all. You can use the website to even increase your business. But for that, it is essential to increase conversion rates. And for that, you should use the web design in the best possible manner.
But how can web design help to increase conversion?
Here are a few tips that might come in handy.


Involve Persuasive Design

Heard of persuasive design? It’s really true to its name. The design is meant to persuade the visitors to your website to purchase from your business. So, it should be clear with a proper call to action. Besides, the visual needs to be perfect. You can use this persuasive web design while creating the lead generation forms. Ensure that the forms stand out when you view them in contrast to the rest of the webpage. In fact, it should be attractive enough to draw the attention of the website viewers immediately. Only then you can expect most of the visitors to fill up the form, thus giving you leads. These can be of a great help when you are looking to increase conversion.

Use the Psychology of Colors

Until and unless you are able to attract the attention of the viewers, you just can’t expect to get your conversion running. And to do that, your website needs to have the most attractive colors. So, it’s essential to know about the psychology of colors to ensure that the visitors feel like buying from you. However, while using the psychology of colors for conversion, you need to ask a few questions.

  • Which colors you should use?
  • How you should use the colors?
  • In which spot of the webpage should you use the colors?
  • And if you are perfectly aware of how to do these, then you are sure to get excellent returns as forms of conversions with the help of your web designs. While doing this, you need to keep in mind that the contrast of the colors should be soothing enough, so that they do not create a repulsion for the visitors.

    Enclose the Data

    You might have to offer a large chunk of data in your webpage. And surely you will want the visitors to view that. But for that, it is necessary to present the data in such a way that it catches the view of the visitors immediately.
    So, what the best way to do that?
    Surely you can use encapsulation. It is a popular way of presenting the information on your website. It frames the data on the webpage, just as showing a view through a window. This prevents the eye of the viewer from wandering somewhere else and it immediately falls upon the important data provided within the enclosed area. You should use this process on the landing pages to show the important data to the visitors.

    Make the Most of Whitespaces

    The information you provide in the webpage should be properly designed. And when it is done, you are left with a lot of white space in between the words, sentences, and paragraphs. If you are planning to make your website conversion friendly, you need to make maximum use of this whitespace as well. It is important to keep as much whitespace on the webpage as possible to enhance the user-friendliness of the site. The whitespace improves the readability and helps to make sure that the webpage appears more luxurious. This form of design also drags the eye to the most important part of the webpage. Moreover, it plays a major role in driving conversion to a great extent.

    Add Arrows to Ease Navigation

    Where is the visitor landing on your website? And from there, where is he supposed to go? It is important to give the visitors proper directional cues. And what can be a better component for this than the arrows? You can add them to guide the visitors to different parts of the page, including the checkout when they are purchasing something from you.
    Arrows are among the easiest ways through which you can help a visitor to navigate properly on your website. So, they are among the most essential web design components to drive conversion for your business.

    Design Effective Call to Action Buttons

    When it comes to conversion, the call to action buttons are probably the most important of all the components of a website. So, it is important to design them properly to make the as effective as possible. Use colors and effects that stand out even when the information on the webpage is cluttered. Moreover, you need to focus on the size of the button as well. Large call to action buttons are effective, but of course, not always. So, it is important to create call to action buttons that drive conversion.
    In a business, a website plays a major role in reaching out to the audience. And if you can design it in a way that it also helps in conversion, then it can act as an additional benefit. Following these few ways can help you convert maximum number of potential customers through your designs.