The Grid – The Design Guideline used for (FREE PSD)


These PSDs aim to give you an introduction to what approach used at the Grid. Similar to the design frameworks that are gaining popularity today but with a move to creating systems over sets, guidelines over absolutes and a direction that can move from heuristic to code.

Play around with it, question it, make it better, use it for your own learning or discussion. Evolve it for your own personal, private or commercial* use.

Sections (Part 01)

First part of the sections created for the Grid site.
1.grid free psd

Sections (Part 02)

The second part, with reposts (examples of shared content).
2.grid free psd


Admittedly, not as thorough as the section but when we started putting this into code the constraints held well for the most part. Good selection of all the various content examples being produced.
3.grid free psd