WP Theme Of the Day #303 – Sleek – Responsive & Creative WordPress Blog Theme


Sleek is creative and responsive blogging wordpress theme, built to bring functionality and style into the blog. Sleek’s smart layout makes use of full screen size, while making a sidebar fixed and independent in scrolling. With enabled sidebar comments, Sleek makes commenting much more prominent and substantial part of a blog. Lightweight, mobile-first layout progressively enhances across all screen sizes to bring native & smooth experience on any device, accompanied with a full retina support. AJAX navigation and AJAX comments bring speed, animation and interactivity for a full UX.

Creative WordPress Blog Theme


Theme Features:

Layout with fixed, independent-scrolling sidebar
Sidebar Comments – Make comments prominent and always visible
AJAX Comments
AJAX Navigation
Fluid layout smartly adapts to all devices offering native & smooth experience
Mobile-first with progressive enhancement
Fluid layout maximizes screen usage
Full retina support
Blog layouts: List, Masonry, Newspaper, Carousel, Slider
Customizable Category/Tag heading [with category featured image]
Pagination types: Classic [numbered], Load more button, infinite load
Distinctive Post Formats for rich content