6 Misconceptions Intimidating Businesses From Stepping Into Mobile Development


With the blooming mobile technology, the dependency on mobile devices is accentuating day-by-day. Whether one wants to access certain file from the cloud, wants to access navigation feature while driving, or wants some entertainment, mobile apps offers an ideal solution. They play an imperative role in day-to-day activities for most of the users.

The changing consumer behavior and their increasing reliability over mobile applications for innumerable activities (like searching, browsing, shopping, etc.,) epitomize how rapidly users are adopting mobile devices and its utile features. Thus, it can be said that it has become imperative for businesses to create an effective and efficient mobile presence to target a huge number of mobile users.

Moreover, the advancement in technology has also revolutionized businesses (from small to large scale). The niftiest features of mobile applications and their superior functionalities make them the preferred choice for almost every business.

Though, there are companies who understand how significant the mobile development is for their business, but there many organizations who are still not aware of its importance in the business realm. And, this is due to the persistent myths related to the mobile development.


There are numerous myths about mobile app development out there, let’s have a glimpse over a few of them.

Mobile Apps are not at all necessary for the business.

Fact: Some organizations believe that they are well-known among their potential consumer base and thus, don’t need to make strive to enhance their reach. However, the truth is that without mobile application or for that matter a mobile-friendly website, your business is actually missing out on a huge chunk of the potential audience and thus, it is losing higher revenue and profits.

Social Media are sufficient enough

Fact: The social media presence is not just sufficient for a business to efficiently promote their products and services across the globe. Moreover, with the social networks like Facebook and Twitter, there is a greater probability of missing your post and the latest updates. Because Facebook filters the Business pages and Fan pages, thus your consumers will get only a little info regarding your updated posts; and since, Twitter has a formidable fan following, so there are plenty new posts every day, thus your post might get hidden under numerous other tweets.

On the contrary, the push notifications ensure you a perfect way to reach out your consumers efficiently. Since, with this service the update will directly arrive on their handy device, so there are comparatively less chances of missing the notifications.

Developing a business application consumes a lot of time

Fact: To cater to the diverse needs of various business units, a company may require several different mobile applications. If it is assumed that it consumes around 6 months for developing and deploying an application, this time must decrease with the increasing number of applications. Following an optimal approach and doing smart work with latest frameworks, developers can cut down the app development time to just half. The novice SDKs, development tools and proficient frameworks facilitate developers to reuse the code and backend the services wherever possible. This helps them accomplish the task with greater precision and efficiency.

App developers must know various programming languages and development frameworks

Fact: You probably have heard the above statement quite often. It states that to develop an enterprise mobile app, developers must possess expertise in numerous programming languages and app development frameworks. While, it’s true that there is a plethora of development tools, languages and frameworks (like JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, C#, Node.js, Sencha Touch, and more) are available out there; but, by deploying platforms that support “Bring your own toolkit” approach can help developers to accomplish a project by implementing the programming language they are most comfortable with.

A company’s huge app development can be efficiently handled by a development head

Fact: To oversee the development and deployment of an enterprise application in an optimized fashion, an organization will need over 15 professionals (approx). The list includes, business heads, IT representatives, stakeholders, app designers, app developers, and more. A team of well-versed professionals can help deliver remarkable performance by implementing and hooking up certain technology standards and same requirements to cater to the needs of several business units.

Enterprise applications add load to the backend systems and mobile devices

Fact: It has been slated that in the coming few years the cellular data usage by 4G Smartphones and the tablet usage will rise up by around 300% and over 550% respectively. However, the mobile platforms can serve the best way to minimize the data transfer needs by retrieving a huge chunk of data from the backend and forwarding a little set of filtered data to mobile devices. Hence, it is advisable to make strives for an appropriate solution that can restrict the data transmission size to maximum 1 MB for an application.

Today, with the dramatic advancement in the mobile technology, there are truckloads of features and easy-to-deploy functions that can make the mobile app development task much less daunting. Reap the benefits of flourishing technology and enhance your business values by investing in an optimal approach and efficient mobile platform.