Mobile App Design Inspiration – Roadie Chromatic Tuner (available free on App Store)


This is our daily mobile app inspiration article for our loyal readers.Every day we are showcasing a mobile app design whether live on app stores or only designed as concept.

Today’s mobile application inspiration Roadie Chromatic Tuner is designed by Marco Nenzi

Roadie Tuner is a responsive, accurate and minimal tuner that works on guitars, string, wind, and any musical instrument.
The interface design for Roadie Tuner is flat and simple directly inspired from iOS7 design elements. The screen on Roadie Tuner provides an intuitive interface that is visible in low light situations such as a stage setting for performers.

1.Roadie Chromatic Tuner

2.Roadie Chromatic Tuner

3.Roadie Chromatic Tuner

4.Roadie Chromatic Tuner

5.Roadie Chromatic Tuner

6.Roadie Chromatic Tuner

7.Roadie Chromatic Tuner

Available on App Store