Drunken Parrot Flat UI Kit – Free HTML + PSD UI Kit


Drunken Parrot Lite is a free flat style UI kit designed and released by Hoarrd and comes with both HTML (based on Twitter Bootstrap 3) and PSD files.
All of the elements included are part of Twitter Bootstrap 3 and designed by 980px grid to ensure optimal flexibility for the majority of people, and free fonts and icons were used for this free version.

This UI kit contains buttons,checkboxes,pagination,alerts,navbars etc.


1.Flat UI Kit

2.Flat UI Kit

3.Flat UI Kit

4.Flat UI Kit

5.Flat UI Kit

6.Flat UI Kit

7.Flat UI Kit

8.Flat UI Kit

9.Flat UI Kit

10.Flat UI Kit

11.Flat UI Kit

12.Flat UI Kit

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