Top Ways to Improve Web Design from Limitations


Limitations bring in challenges that have to be overcome to achieve any kind of success. And challenges, no doubt, are among the major driving forces for creating anything new. For innovation. Because they inspire the users to find a new way out. Not unless you face a challenge that you think of some new ways to overcome it. And this innovation forms the heart of creativity.
When it comes to web design, creativity is something that you require at every step. And this is where limitations also become relevant. They bring out the best in you within limited resources. It has been observed that some of the best moves and innovations in the field of web design have emerged amid limitations. Of resources as well as procedures.

Being More Professional Using Limited Color Palettes

Professionalism is not about using every option that you have. It’s more about using the right options in the most prudent manner. And this holds true when you are designing a website as well.


Just compare the webpage designs of a novice designer with that of an experienced one, and you will surely understand the different. The former uses almost all colors that he has at his disposal. This, somehow, is not professional at all. In fact, it appears more like a drawing copy of a child than a webpage.
A professional designer, on the other hand, ensures that he follows the concept of a restricted color palette. This is undoubtedly a professional color selection for web design. He uses only the brand colors, with the number of shades adding up to a maximum of three to four. This ensures that the webpage has a look suitable for business purposes with a touch of professionalism to it.

Enhancing Usability by Going beyond the Size Restrictions

Experimentation regarding the size of the designed pages is on. Which size is going to be perfect when it comes to web designing? Well, that’s the question haunting the designers these days. A number of experiments is on to find out the best sizes for a web page.
How do you understand what is the best size for your web page? Well, one thing is for sure. No person likes to scroll sideways. So, it’s always a good idea to stick to a size, which involves no such scrolling. In fact, you can make the web page lengthy from top to bottom. However, it is always prudent to go for a size that fits sideways on all kinds of devices. It is important to ensure that the readers of your site do not have any problem in viewing the website.
Thus, the restriction of the view ensures that you design such a size, which enhance usability and offer a better appearance to the website.

Overcoming Font Usage Restrictions

While planning the design of a website, you need to keep an eye on a lot of things. Typography is, of course, one of the most important among them. It’s important to select the fonts prudently. And when you are doing that, make sure that the final web page that you are creating is perfectly readable.


Remember, the function of typography is pretty much similar to the colors. Just as you won’t use too many colors while designing a webpage as that would make it look confusing, it’s better not to use excessive fonts as well. Keep the number of fonts used in your site to one or two. It will make the web page easier to decipher for all. Fancy fonts are used only in headings. When used, they enhance the look and feel of the website as a whole.
Thus, restricting the use of too many fonts has surely helped to add a new layer to the concept of web designing.

From Design Restrictions to Enchanting Minimalist Web Design

While speaking about limitations, of course you have to include minimalism – the recent trend that restricts the use of too much of any component in web design. Well, minimalistic design is in vogue these days. And it is also a form of advancement from limitations on the web design front.
When giving shape to any website, designers usually use two or three colors. However, this too is restricted in a minimalist web design. Such websites are usually limited to just two colors – black and white. And yet, they seem to rule the roost in the field of web design these days.


Some of the most important updates in the field of web design have emerged when the users faced maximum limitations. Such limitations help to make the users more innovative and, in turn, give rise to new procedures that make web designs more attractive and enchanting. These prove that even the freedom, which is available to the web designers, are at times detrimental to innovating new processes.