Mobile App Design Inspiration – Dance It ! (free app)


This is our daily mobile app inspiration article for our loyal readers.Every day we are showcasing a mobile app design whether live on app stores or only designed as concept.

Today’s mobile application Dance It ! is designed by Lorenzo Carotenuto.

Dance it ! Is for lovers of dance. But here, no scene or public, you’re the dancer.

7 winners of the Swiss Dance Award 2013 have each created a very simple little choreography. There you just have to learn one or more filming you where and when you want, alone or with friends, and share your best dances with members of Dance it! and on your social networks.

Consult your stats profile, the friends who follow you, their comments and likes, learn the most popular videos and perhaps become the VIP of the month.

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2.Mobile App Design Inspiration – Dance It

3.Mobile App Design Inspiration – Dance It

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