What Characteristics Define a Good Logo?


An ideal logo is defined by various characteristics that form a crucial part in making the logo authentic, unique and memorable.

The basic job of a logo is to make your business identifiable among the crowd by providing with a unique and distinctive face. By using various types of icons, images, symbols and typefaces, logos help people to identify the products and/or services by a company in the most basic manner.
In the present day competitive world, there are numerous businesses operating where some have truly remarkable logos and others with not such great logos. So, you must be thinking what is the reason behind such differences? What are the key characteristics that can make your logo stand out? Here are some of the most essential characteristics of a logo that can easily make it distinguishable from the ones that are devoid of such characteristics.


It is always a good idea not to overcomplicate the design and keep it simple. Your aim is to make your business recognizable with your logo and complicated logos only make matters worse. Apart from that, maintaining and reproducing the logo also becomes difficult if the design is made of complex patterns, shapes and different colors. A logo that is simple and smart gets easily recognized by your target audience adding to your brand visibility and exposure.


hour glass logo



A look at the current marketplace can certainly make it extremely confusing and scary for new startups regarding how to set themselves apart with a distinct face. Though, it may take some time to come up with a logo design that has distinct features but, it is definitely worth the wait. You do not want to give your business an identity that gets easily confused with the identity of another business. However, to make your logo unique, it is not necessary to compromise on simplicity.

It has to be Scalable

You should never ignore scalability when it comes to designing your company logo. If the logo is not properly scalable then, you are assured to face lots of troubles in the near future. A good logo can be easily re-sized without causing any changes to its expressive imagery and recognizable form. Making use of vectors for creating logos is always a wise decision as vectors offer maximum scalability which ensures that your logo looks equally good on a business card as well as a billboard.

A Good Logo is Well-drawn

logo-designEach and every element within the logo design needs to be flawless and crisp. Even the smallest of things can cause a lot of headaches in the future which is why it is important for you to carefully inspect every aspect of your logo design. You should always keep in mind that after drawing the logo, it needs to be cleaned up so that loose ends do not remain. Adjusting the design of the logo in the distant future will become a lot easier if you take care of these things initially.

Longevity Holds the Key

Though, it is quite agreeable that creating a timeless is next to impossible but, you can still put in the effort to make it last as longer as possible. Trends do not stay forever that is absolutely true but, this about the face of your company, your business logo not some pair of jeans or t-shirts. So, research and analyze how your logo can withstand the changes to come in the next few years and still represent your brand in the best manner possible.

It should render Well in Black and White

2-black-and-whiteIrrespective of how your logo is rendered, it should perform well in both function and form. Be it gray-scale, black and white or full-color. Thus, the idea is to put your imagination into use and ensure that things are kept simple enough so that the logo gets the message delivered across without any difficulty.

Suitable for the Purpose

The appropriateness of a logo holds critical importance. When the time comes to design a logo, you should always consider what you want to achieve with it as well as your industry type. Thus, you should carefully choose the colors, fonts and symbols so as to represent your brand in the most ideal manner. Your logo need not show the products and/or services you are offering as it is simply an identification mark that derives its usefulness and meaning from the quality of what it represents.


Similar to the way a book a judged by the cover on it, your business is also perceived in the same manner through your logo. Therefore, you should consider all the aspects of your business before deciding upon the designing concept of the logo. The logo is your first impression towards your targeted customers and you would obviously want to keep it right at the first time. Think, research and explore all your options to come up with a design that suits your company to the fullest.

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