Responsee II : Responsive CSS Framework


Responsee is an open source responsive CSS framework based on 12-column grid. Websites based on Responsee are fully responsive.

Responsee is based on 12-column grid. For work with columns it uses classes “s-1” up to “s-12”, and “l-1” up to “l-12”. By means of those classes Responsee divides website for particular columns (“s” – display on small-size screen, “l” – display on large-size screen).
Responsee uses for work with content several classes with specific properties.


The whole package Responsee all contains the following files:

– responsee.css (grid CSS file) / size: 10 kb
– components.css (Custom forms and MFG labs icon set CSS file) / size: 9,62 kb
– modernizr.js / size: 10,4 kb
– responsee.js (Responsee JavaScript file) / size: 3,14 kb
– MFG labs icon font
– OWL carousel files
– 1 HTML template files (business template)

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