Quick Tips To Develop A Trustworthy Website


As it happens, you are nobody in the online business world if have not a website. The modern society is dependent on the Internet and people usually don’t take a company serious, if they can’t find its website. Unfortunately, the online presence can’t guarantee you anything, because you can’t force users to believe you and hire you. Though, a well-thought-out web project can do it and in this article you will find the essential things to pay attention to before you launch a website.

Design Is a Key

The first thing that people see on a website is the design itself: the colors, the images, structure, text, buttons, navigation menu. All these details make up a unity that forms a quick impression of your site on the users.

The colors used for a website should be picked in accordance with your brand colors, plus all tones presented on the canvas should be harmonic. The most trustworthy color, if to believe in color psychology, is blue. The designs done in blue calm, they evoke positive emotions and are quite easy on eyes. It is not obligatory to make the background blue, but there are many options to utilize this color wisely: logotype, call-to-action buttons, active links, headlines, menu bar, etc.

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Then, the images: you should use just high-quality pictures and the ones related to what you do. Illustration images are effective on any type of website design, so you can use them as well.

‘About Us’ Page Should Be Brief Yet Detailed

This is the page that the majority of users will be looked for. The first requirement to this website section is the findability. Make sure that the link to this page is visible on the homepage and visitors won’t have to apply efforts in order to find it. Then, the page should be very clear and organized. Think about your target audience, what it is interested in and provide all the answers people may ask before they actually do it.
One more tip for you: it is a good thing to break the ‘About Us’ page into columns or blocks, so that it is easier to read all the text.

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Keep It Fresh

Outdated websites are never trustworthy, because users can’t trust the company that doesn’t develop. A website is a communication tool between you and your clients, and it is your task to provide them with the latest news of the company, new programs or products. You will get more from your customers, if spend at least a few hours per month to update your website content.

Make Portfolio Extensive (If You Have One)

This point concerns to photography studios, web designs labs, makeup/hair artists, models, fashion designers, architects and all creative artists who are looking for new clients. Portfolio website is trustworthy when it is equipped with a perfect portfolio page. This is a photo gallery of the works you have done and actually this part of your site influences on whether a visitor will call you or not. The portfolio should be large in order to demonstrate all aspects of your work.

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I have one good tip for you: ask someone of your friends to help you with a portfolio forming, because regular users and professionals have different thoughts about what is beautiful.

Social Proof is Vital

I mean social sharing buttons by this ‘Social Proof’ point. It is quite important have you 20 Tweet likes or 2000, 50 or 500 Facebook users have you in friends. This shows your status, and it is a key factor for many newcomers to your site.

Build a Clients’/Partners’ Page

This is very similar to the previous section, because the pages with a database of people working with you are quite essential to worm yourself into users’ confidence. The design of such page can be a simple layout with the logotypes of the companies you deal with, or the text blocks with information how you work together and the result of this collaboration.

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Custom Testimonials Are Required

Testimonials are effective additions to social sharing and the Partners’ page, because they reflect your work in practice. Testimonials are the first we usually read before purchasing something in an online store, hiring someone or going somewhere on vacation. Add an easy-to-use form for people to leave their feedback and don’t delete bad messages then! You would better to analyze these negative testimonials, correct mistakes and write a reply.

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Play Worldwide

In case you want to attract international audience to your site, make it multilingual. You can start with one or two versions that you know will be in use, and then work on more projects by checking the analytics of your website. Plus, you can translate just a few most called-for pages, instead of redoing the entire site.
This confidence-building measure will bring your site to the new level.

Be Easy To Find

As a serious-intended website owner, you should understand the necessity of the Contacts page. Thia is better to stuff it with a full list of phone numbers, fax, email, address, and perhaps a Google Map with your exact location. Clients can’t trust someone, who hides, remember it!

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Check Grammar And Spelling

This is one of the last must-do things before you wrap up your website design. Grammar mistakes and misprints are very frequent, and just a full check of the text can improve the situation. I will give you a few examples of grammar errors to correct, so that the editing process will take you less time:

  • affect/effect (verb/noun);
  • all ready/already (adjective+adjective with the meaning ‘everything completed’/adverb means that the action has happened before);
  • who/whom (both pronouns, but who is used to give information about the person mentioned in the sentence; whom is used as an object of either verb or preposition);
  • who/which (who is used when speaking about people, but to speak about the objects which is used);
  • it’s/its (it+is/possessive pronoun);
  • then/than (at the time, after that/comparison).