Free Font Of The Day : Alegraya Sans ht


Here on Designbeep,we also aim to help designers to find free yet high quality resources whether for your web design projects or graphic design projects.Who doesn’t like freebies?
Well,although we bring together free font collections time to time we decided to share a free font everyday and today’s free font Alegraya Sans ht comes from Huerta Tipografica

Alegreya Sans is a humanist sans serif family with a calligraphic feeling that conveys a dynamic and varied rhythm. This gives a pleasant feeling to readers of long texts.

The family follows humanist proportions and principles, just like the serif version of the family, Alegreya. It achieves a ludic and harmonious paragraph through elements carefully designed in an atmosphere of diversity.

Alegraya Sans ht

2.Alegraya Sans ht

3.Alegraya Sans ht

4.Alegraya Sans ht

5.Alegraya Sans ht

6.Alegraya Sans ht

7.Alegraya Sans ht


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