Zed : A Chrome-based Text and Code editor


Zed is a fully offline-capable, open source, keyboard-focused, Chrome-based text and code editor you can use to edit local files as well as remote files on any server. It’s built using web technologies (100% HTML, CSS and JavaScript) yet has all features you’d expect from a capable code editor:


Syntax highlighting for many programming languages (e.g. C, Clojure, CoffeeScript, C#, – CSS, Dart, Erlang, Go, Haml, Haskell, HTML, ini files, Java, JavaScript, JSON, LogiQL, Lua, Markdown, Nix, PHP, Plist, Protobufs, Python, Ruby, Shell, XML)

Code completion: symbols and (customizable) snippets

Built-in linting for some languages with inline markers (JavaScript, CoffeeScript, JSON, Lua, CSS)
– Multiple cursors

Split-view editing

Themes: light and dark themes out of the box and you can easily develop your own using CSS.

Source    Direct Install (Chrome)

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