Weekly Free Resources for Designers and Developers [March 17,2014]


We follow many designers and developers and of course websites that share or release resources to help design community.We write down them all every day and at the beginning of each week we bring them together and share with you.Most of the tools,jQuery plugins,free fonts,free icons and free PSD files etc. are mostly latest releases or the ones you might not have seen yet.We hope you find them useful for your existing or upcoming design projects.

Note:If you think you have something useful for design community feel free to contact us;maybe we can share with our readers next week.


11.free resources for designers and developersBootflat is an open source Flat UI KIT based on Bootstrap 3.1.0 CSS framework. It provides a faster, easier and less repetitive way for web developers to create elegant web apps.


ClassyLoader – Animated Loaders

12.free resources for designers and developersClassyLoader is a jQuery plugin written by Marius Stanciu – Sergiu, a plugin that lets your add beautiful and animated loaders to your website.


Free Font – Kraftstoff

13.free resources for designers and developersKraftstoff is a typeface based on antique gas pump meters and it is totally FREE !!.


Free Font – Gearus

14.free resources for designers and developersGearus free font family has been designed for the 3rd re-design version of NEu Tymes free on-line magazine.


Tilted Content Slideshow

1.free resources for designers and developersA tutorial on how to recreate the slideshow seen on the FWA landing page with 3D effects involving random animations.

MixItUp 2

2.free resources for designers and developersMixItUp is a jQuery plugin providing animated filtering and sorting.


Wireframe & UI Kit

3.free resources for designers and developersSource



4.free resources for designers and developersIconion allows you to convert any icon font into fantastic-looking png icons by adding color, shadow, background, gradient, stroke and many other fancy elements.


Arrow Loader

5.free resources for designers and developers



6.free resources for designers and developersPNotify is a JavaScript notification plugin, developed by SciActive. Formerly known as Pines Notify. It is designed to provide an unparalleled level of flexibility, while still being very easy to implement and use.


AdminLTE Free Admin Control Panel Theme Based On Bootstrap 3.x

7.free resources for designers and developersA free premium admin dashboard and control panel theme. Based on Bootstrap 3 Framework.


150 Outlined Icons

8.free resources for designers and developersA simple but useful icon set, completely free now and ever. Currently 150 icons are available, and more are planned to come.


Add Icons To External Links

9.free resources for designers and developersjQuery plug to identify external links on a page, by default adds a class of external-link to each element which when the supplied stylesheet and image are used will result in the links having a small external link icon displayed after the link text.