Deal Of The Week : 100 Premium Infographics from Ingimage


Data. It’s what makes the world go round. How you use and share that data, however, can be a true challenge. When you’re dealing with an increasingly shorter attention span all the time, it can be tough getting your point across to your customers. That’s where the infographic can be such a life saver!
Infographics take stuffy, boring ol’ data and present it all in a fun, entertaining and easy-to-understand manner. Visuals make all the difference. And with this incredible bundle from Ingimage, your data will never be happier! You’ll get 100 high-quality, premium infographics, all provided in EPS format for super easy customization and editing.


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Premium Infographics Bundle Highlights:

– 100 Premium Infographics
Infographics are currently the hottest way to get your message across to your readers in a fun and entertaining manner. With this bundle, you’ll get 100 different high-quality infographics to help bring your data to life!

– Fully Customizable
Every infographic comes in EPS format. That means you can easily edit any of the images to suit your needs properly!

– Easy to Edit
With the original files, you can easily slot in whatever data you’d like to share. Just change up any text from titles to descriptions to captions. It couldn’t be easier to put together a professional, high-quality infographic.

– Tons of Design Elements
No matter what your topic, you’re bound to find the perfect infographic for your latest project. Dozens upon dozens of different design elements are used in these 100 graphics including: maps, diagrams, charts, graphs, signs, illustrations, buttons, ribbons, arrows, icons and loads more.

– Perfect for Any Industry
Every industry has data and any industry can make use of these infographics to effectively share that data with their consumers. Many of these infographics can be customized for your specific industry, but there are also a ton that are tailor made for certain types including: medical, big business, industry, artists, marketing, environmental, and more!

Preview of the infographics included in this bundle:

Premium Infographics

2.Premium Infographics

3.Premium Infographics

4.Premium Infographics

5.Premium Infographics

6.Premium Infographics

7.Premium Infographics

8.Premium Infographics

9.Premium Infographics