6 Must See Facebook Redesign Concepts


Facebook is the largest and fastest growing community in the last years.Facebook is not only for sharing photos or to chat but also it has great potential of business,education,shopping,lifestyle etc.So having this much popularity inspired designers to create some concept designs for Facebook.

In today’s post we have gathered Facebook redesign concept that we think you will love.
Here are 6 design concepts by talented designers.

Facebook – New Look & Concept by Fred Nerby

facebook redesign

1.2.facebook redesign

1.3.facebook redesignView Complete Design


Facebook Redesign Concept by Monish

2.facebook redesignView Complete Design


Facebook – Redesign of ui details by Grégoire Vella

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Facebook iOS 7 Redesign Concept by Monish

4.facebook redesign
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Facebook Messenger Desktop Concept by Matthew Cobb

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Facebook Flat UI concept by Rajdip Mitra

6.1.facebook redesign

6.facebook redesign

6.facebook redesignView Complete Design


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