Cloud Sites – A New Self-Healing Approach to Web Site Hosting


Cloud Sites is a brand new innovative hosting product. As consumers, we are gradually getting used to using cloud-based hosting, but many options can be expensive. Cloud Sites takes the same model as traditional shared hosting, and places it in the cloud on fully redundant hardware.


Popular services like Dropbox and CrashPlan allow people to upload their data to cloud-based storage facilities to keep it safe in case of a hard disc failure on the home or business system. Businesses are also finding that cloud-based apps are useful to avoid the need for excessively expensive individual user licenses as they take their whole organisational computing needs to the web.

Storing it “in the cloud” has become part of the vernacular too, as millions of people around the world start to see the clear benefits of cloud computing.

Benefits of Cloud Sites Hosting

The idea behind cloud hosting is to avoid the troubling situation where a web site is situated on a single dedicated server. If the server experiences downtime, the web site goes offline and valuable e-commerce transactions are lost.


Cloud hosting is a fully managed, self-healing technology that uses multiple hardware nodes for power. An almost instant switch is made to a different cloud node, should one node experience a temporary issue which ensures that web site stays online.

Data is also stored on a SAN (storage area network), across multiple hard disk drives, which also provides protection against single hard drive failure.

Cloud hosting could easily be described as intelligent hosting because there is no longer a single point of failure. If hardware fails, new hardware kicks in instantly. If HDD’s fail, there are plenty more in the SAN which data is accessible from.

Pixeno Cloud Sites Plans

Cloud hosting for web sites that are configurable and controllable by customers is the next step in cloud computing. With Pixeno’s Cloud Sites plan, it is possible to purchase just the hosting that you need and no more.


There are three Pixeno Cloud Site Plans:

  • Pixeno Lite
  • Pixeno Plus
  • Pixeno Pro

With each level of plan, the number of web sites that can be hosted rises from 1 through to 3. Levels of monthly bandwidth capability increase also from an already generous 100GB up to 500GB.

Such plans are ideal for busy, successful web sites that already receive 10,000+ unique visitors and require a robust hosting solution that won’t let them down. Should a single site experience a surge of interest from a new post that was shared on many social media sites and has subsequently gone viral, their cloud hosting platform and available connectivity can handle it in stride.

Technology Behind Cloud Hosting

The Pixeno Cloud platform uses the fastest internet connections in the UK, and the 3rd fastest globally, so web sites load briskly.

The popular cPanel Control Panel software is included to manage the web sites; this makes it easy to setup newly hosted sites quickly. SAN storage ensures that distributed storage is secure, and handled fast & efficiently. Four daily (offsite) backups are also taken in order to ensure data is protected. Customers can roll back files and folders to any point over 2 weeks as and when they want. Beyond that, a wealth of data centre protective features like HVAC cooling, diesel-powered emergency generators, UPS, fire suppression and much more ensure best-in-class hosting that won’t let a customer down.

There are also extras like a SSL security certificate and dedicated IP addresses that can be purchased for individual sites.

Future Expansion

Whilst the Pixeno Cloud Sites product is presently located in the UK only, it will soon be expanded out to USA server locations too. The company already offers Cloud Servers which are hosted in a number of countries including the USA, Singapore, Brazil and Canada, so the capability is already there.