15 Amazing Google Chrome Experiments to Impress You


Every member of web design community is firmly stating that HTML5 and CSS3 are super-powerful tools and from now on, these will be the base of every website. Willing or not, Flash based websites are still online and honestly, some of these are really impressive. Could a talented designer create the animations and the effects specific to a Flash based website using HTML, CSS and Java Scripts? This is a hot debate and no one can offer a clear answer. Personally, I think that there are stil Flash features thant can’t be fully replaced by HTML and CSS. Yep, Flash has tons of disadvantages but also, it has many advantages.

On the other hand, the future „is written” in HTML and CSS, therefore Flash is almost a dead solution. The good news is that each day, a designer or a developer finds a new solution to better use HTML and CSS in order to substitute the Flash.

Google is a giant online „player” and the voice of the company is very important in the way of how the Internet evolves. The guys behind Google are in love with HTML, CSS and Java Script, therefore the designers embraced this manner of creating websites. In order to let common people know how powerful and useful are HTML, CSS and Java Script, Google created a special website to showcase some impressive websites. The About page is simple and self-explicatory: „Chrome Experiments is a showcase for creative web experiments, the vast majority of which are built with the latest open technologies, including HTML5, Canvas, SVG, and WebGL.”

The websites shown in this place are really impressive and each one should be exhibited to make a better idea about the power of these three tools. Here is a collection of the best experiments…it was very harsh to select only 15, I definitely believe that you should check all of them.

Enjoy these and please let us know which is your favorite!


chrome experimentAdobe is trying to offer better services with less money. Now, it’s way cheaper to have a Photoshop or Illustrator license than it was in the past. Despite of that, some people prefer open sources solutions and some of these are really good (see GIMP). Well, no matter how complicated is an image editor or how many computer resources are required to work well, due to web design progress, it’s possible to edit the images in your browser. This browser application is borrowing the interface of Photoshop and it really may enhance a picture.
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2.chrome experimentIf you like DJing and you dreamt being a succesful DJ, then this application is for you. It’s an amazing idea, DJ using a browser to play music!
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Depth of Field

3.chrome experimentIt is a wonderful experiment. If you want to know how impressive animations may be made with HTML5, then open this application.
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WebGL Aquarium

4.chrome experimentThe creativity of the designer is limitless…this website offer a clear perspective of an aquarium. Much more, you have many options to customize the view and even the number of fish.
Congratulations to the creator!
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5.chrome experimentHere is a great example of a nice mixture: sound, animation and creativity. Enjoy it and create your own schemas.
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WebGL Cars

6.chrome experimentEvery one of us played at least a version of Need for Speed. Nowadays, you shouldn’t buy the game, you may enjoy a “primitive” version of it in your browser. It’s a huge difference, but let’s see what the future will reserve us.
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World of Solitaire

7.chrome experimentSolitaire is a very nice and popular application and of course, a designer considered that is interesting to create an identical browser application. I am convinced that his work is identical to Solitaire, so congratulation for the idea and for the application!
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Zygote Body

8.chrome experimentIt’s another application that required a huge volume of work. You may explore the human body and graphic is really awesome.
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Water Type

9.chrome experimentThe Internet is full of tutorials explaining how to achieve a water text effect in Photoshop, but few people imagined how to realize it in your browser. Visit this application and see water effect in action.
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Berts Breakdown

10.chrome experimentEnough with serious projects…if you want to take a small break then this application is for you. I bet that you will enjoy it!
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Pitts Special Demo

11.chrome experimentWhen I previosuly mentioned that in the future we will play games, I based this statement on serious facts. This app is truly a rudimentar flighing simulator but it’s only the beggining.
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HTML5 Metaballs

12.chrome experimentThere is nothing special to learn, but the effects of the bubbles created are truly impressive. Definitely, it’s more interesting how the website was created!
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World Flights

13.chrome experimentThis website is a great example of good data visualization. It offers a good perspective over the worldwide situation of the aerial transportation. World Flights- the name of the application, don’t have tons of options but it doesn’t mean that it’s unfunctional. It’s simple, to the point and interesting!
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WebGL Bookcase

14.chrome experimentSome people consider that computers are the “enemy” of the paper books. Well, it’s true that the digital era reduced the growing of paper books but one shouldn’t ignore the environmental effect. Anyway, the pleasure of reading, online or “offline” didn’t disappear. This application wants to help anyone in search for an interesting book. Briefly, enjoy it and let us know your opinion via comment form.
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3D Tunes

15.chrome experimentFinally, the last application is mostly for fun. Check it and play this amazing 3D piano!
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I hope that these experiments will make a better idea about how the future will look and how amazing are HTML, CSS and Java Script. Of course, if you noticed another cool experiments or other impressive websites please share them with us. We are waiting for your contribution!