Kreativ Font: Find the fonts you need on one page


Kreativ Font can help you find fast the fonts you need by featuring a huge collection of the best typefaces out there. It also acts as a font foundry and recently has started creating their own free fonts. So what makes them special compared with other fonts directories?

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The homepage of Kreativ Font showcase from the start 500 of the hottest new fonts available. You can simply scroll down the page and look at the font thumbnails to choose what you need for the next project.
After you see a font that you like, click on it to see more details about it like the font description, format and price. There is also a selection of related fonts displayed at the bottom as thumbnails that may give you new ideas.

The free fonts collection

Showcasing fonts created by other foundries seems to not be enough for Kreativ Font. They have also created their own typefaces. Check out the Kreativ Font Freebies page and get ready to download a growing collection of free fonts.

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Kreativ Font App for Chrome

If you use the Chrome browser users can also install their Kreativ Font App, a useful extension that will present you the latest fonts, the hottest font and deals without going to their website every day.

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To Conclude
If you are a graphic designer, Kreativ Font offers a great way to find inspirational types very fast while also offering their own fonts for free. Give it a try and you will surely won’t regret your time spent there.

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