How To Stay Creative?


Some of us have no problem staying creative in an ever changing world. These people seem to be able to come up with new ideas on a regular basis that work out in wondrous ways. However, there is a portion of people who may feel they are in a rut and have troubles keeping as fresh as they possibly can. If you are one of these people, there are a few methods you could employ that may help you keep that competitive edge and marketable style.


trendsIf you’re a designer, then obviously you need to study current trends and monitor what is popular. The general public responds to popularity based on what magazines, celebrities, and television tells them. It’s a glib view of the world, but it’s what makes something trendy. Depending on your creative talents, this could come in the form of imagery, musical instruments, style of writing, and more. Follow the trends of your creative path to help increase your own knowledge.


processAs a designer, you undoubtedly have your own methods as to how to complete any given project. Have you ever decided to try the same project using different tools, themes, or methods? By expanding your knowledge of how specific effects can be accomplished, you can develop other interesting ideas you may have never thought of before. Many electronic amateurs will walk down the isle of a Radio Shack in order to develop inspiration to help them create something new or a project they would like to accomplish. Graphic design is no different in that aspect. By examining available tools and other works from people, you too can be inspired to create something unique.


stay creativeInspiration to be creative is one thing, but there is also a physical aspect to helping your mind develop enticing designs. An imagination is only as healthy as the mind it’s coming out of. Not adhering to your physical needs could be detrimental to your creativity as it will split your attention and hinder your project’s development.

Sleep Deprivation: Being creative while fighting your own fatigue could make the end result anything but appealing. Your mind needs rest and a fresh eye on the project after a full night of sleep could give you that fresh outlook.

Poor Diet: Your brain needs to be properly nourished in order to function at optimal efficiency. A poor diet of junk foods or those that are not a significant source of vitamins and minerals your brain needs can decrease your productivity and focus.

Mental Stresses: A mind divided is unable to focus on a single task as well as it could. Eliminating elements that cause you stress such as a cluttered work area, screaming children, or physically uncomfortable working conditions could improve the way your mind processes information and can provide increased focus.

You should always endeavor to improve yourself regardless of your career or desires. Life is a constantly evolving mesh of idea and beliefs from all walks of life. Each culture has contributed some aspect of itself into the real world and millions have capitalized on this collaboration. The best you can do is keep your talents and skills as honed as you possibly can in order to make your own impact within the world.

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