Exciting News for Email Newsletters from Stamplia.com


We would like all web designers and graphic artists to know about Stamplia.com. We are a new startup that will offer email templates that are easy to use for client email campaigns.

The site is open as a private beta for designers and graphic artists who are adept at designing attractive newsletter templates, headers and graphics for use within an HTML newsletter campaign.

For participation in the pre-launch phase of Stamplia.com, we are offering a $50 payment for each email template that is accepted and validated, as well as a lifetime 60% commission on customer sales made through the Stamplia.com e-commerce platform.

email template

The templates themselves will be sold for between €5 and 12 each. The designer recoups their initial investment of time by being able to sell an email design hundreds of times rather than just once to a direct client.

Our web site has an integrated editing suite which provides consistency for our customers who wish to purchase an email template and easily add their content ready for final email distribution. Included is a large collection of images that can easily be added to a template to personalize it (some images will be free, others are commercial images). A convenient email test page can show what the email newsletter will look like with different displays like web mail, email clients, tablets and smart phones too.

The email templates can be newsletters or transactional over email. For each newsletter template, these designs are intended to cover sales, special sales & other events, press releases and more. Perfect for active web sites with an e-commerce focus that wish to update their email subscribers regularly with promotion-based content. Designs appropriate to these goals are needed for our future customer base.

For notifying customers and prospective customers with transactional emails, email designs for shopping notices, welcome & thank you messages, invoicing and sent receipts, password notifications & administration connected to logins, alerts and other notifications, are all needed. A transactional email template is no less important because it helps to process requests from the customer and convey information to the customer using a professional appearance that maintains a good brand image.

The development of Stamplia.com is an exciting new development for the web design industry and we welcome your participation.