Top 5 Website Design Trends for 2013


Brands are gearing up to flatter customers and to bank on the new web design opportunities like never before.This article gives 5 important web design trends of 2013.
Web designs are always in a state of constant innovation.Web designers are all geared up in 2013 to challenge the existing norms in website designs.Web designs will also witness the adoption of advanced technologies.Web designs must be prepared for multiple platforms in the New Year.

Design trends will continually evolve to survive in the upcoming markets.User specific designs will force even big players of the tech world to update web designs Without further ado,let’s take a look at these website trends of 2013:

web design trends 2013

Responsive Design

The market will witness the arrival of new and better devices and so as adaptable website designs.Better responsive designs will be built keeping in mind the size of devices.The trend is likely to stay and be invented as per market considerations.
Be prepared for large-format responsive websites.Use of Siri or Windows 8 in automobiles and web supported car dashboards.Soon websites will be optimized for such requirements. In 2013 responsive web design will see a makeover. Designs will move towards adoption of large and different kinds of displays.

End of Skeuomorphed Designs

Even small business web designers will give up skeumorphed designs.For instance a notepad application may not have to be designed like an actual notepad with a yellow line.The fall of skeumorphic designs is largely due to the fact that it is old fashioned and does not present forward thinking with problems in user experiences.
Microsoft’s Metro is a step forward in this direction. It can be predicted that brands will re-think their own outlook about website designs rather than simply following the league of big players like Apple.

Larger Images and Wider Spaces in Web Design

Large images are attractive and attention grabbing.More and more brands have designed their home pages using just large-sized images.Smart website designers are also taking care of bandwidth and data usage in mind for the ones using large screens.The trend seems to be catching up like wild fire and will hopefully keep users engaged for long.
Another major trend that is following suit is the use of more white space.Companies are trying to build a professional image in the eyes of its audience.A clean design helps users to just stick to the main subject and be less distracted.

Dual Screens

Keeping users in mind content providers are joining hands with advertisers to develop creative methods for their products.Content that improves the screen viewing experience is a challenge in itself.Web designers are working hard to present content in a way that it does not interfere with the usual viewing capability.
It is definitely an exciting trend to watch out for in 2013.Dual screen developers are aiming to showcase highly valuable, customized content to viewers as no one likes reading big, boring paragraphs during commercial breaks or while watching their favorite movie.

Replacing Flash

New technologies like HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript have arrived to overtake Flash in a big way.2013 will an end to the use of Flash. Flash doesn’t go well with the SEO of a site, it is hard to update and many mobile devices do not support it.
Companies already using Flash have started dumping it.Designers are looking up to technologies which can easily integrate the expectations of brands and users in one go.

To conclude

Web designers are hoping for technologies that will help them to build better and responsive web designs.Cross-platform functionality and usage is a major concern with every other website in the market.In 2013 designs will see more emphasis on “designs for branding”.Designers have to be revolutionary in their approach and adopt new things to create exclusive and set vital design trends.