Quality Matters : Excellent Interactive Maps From Simplemaps.com


If you need a HTML5 world map or an HTML5 USA map then you should definitely get acquainted with Simplemaps.com. This company sells interactive maps built with HTML5/Javascript and Flash. These maps have a number of advantages that will quickly make you a fan.
Simplemaps.com has sold its interactive maps all over the world. Its client list includes customers such as the Social Security Administration, United States Navy, Harvard University, Princeton University, Fortune 500 Companies, and many more. They sell to both companies and web developers. This means that they make a concerted effort to make their maps both easy to use and highly customizable. The success of their software can be attributed to the following characteristics:

world map


Creating an interactive map using alternative software is often an intimidating and confusing process. The team at Simplemaps is aware of this, and have made their maps easy to customize by editing a simple text file. In fact, it is not mandatory for the client to possess HTML5, JavaScript or Flash knowledge. Similarly, installation is quick and easy and does not require any special technical knowledge.

Mobile Compatible

Nowadays, people are very attached to their iPhones or Android devices and they want their websites to be viewable on their favorite gadgets. Many interactive providers only offer Flash maps which cannot be viewed on many mobile devices. However, this is not a problem for Simplemaps.com because their HTML5 maps are touch-friendly and adjust navigation when they are viewed on a mobile device.

Great support

It’s natural to worry that you may encounter troubles when installing a technical product. However, this should not be a concern for you. They offer installation and customization support whenever necessary. Moreover, if the problem cannot be solved via email, Simplemaps.com will even call their customers to get things sorted out.

Reasonable Prices

Prices start from $59 for the USA and Canada maps and $199 for the World map. These prices are for a lifetime license for one domain, one year of free updates and free technical support. Compared to the cost of developing your own maps of similar quality, these prices are very reasonable indeed.


Because they are professionals, they offer their clients a guarantee, which means that you can return the product within thirty days and get a full refund, without having to state the reason for the return. In addition, if you would like to test their products then you are invited to download a free trial, which will help you understand if these maps are right for you or not.

Simplemaps.com offers a compelling product and solid support at a reasonable price. If you are in need of an interactive map, you should give them a try.