Get Into the Christmas Spirit with Depositphotos


Whether you are designing a website, a newspaper or a magazine, photos are essential, because these will bring harmony and balance to your entire work. In case you are still looking for a great agency that will provide you the stock photos your projects need, you ought to have a look at Depositphotos. This is a micro stock agency, which offers their customers high quality services at incredibly low prices. But, you will learn more about that, in the following lines. For the time being, let’s start by giving you more information about the things you could get from

What does the micro stock agency provide? offers their clients millions of high quality royalty free files. Therefore, no matter what your needs are, it is impossible not to find something ideal for your project. However, although there is a high number of files this should not make you believe that it will take you ages to get the right image. The website is well organized, and as a result the files are arranged in various categories depending on their subject. Besides that, apart from pictures and vectors, the agency also offers editorial and videos.

Also, something that will ease the process of cataloguing and purchasing files comes in the shape of the light boxes. These represent folders you may include your favorite files in; files that will help you achieve and complete several projects and tasks. Not to mention that if you want to e-mail a light box to your friends, family or clients, will allow you to do that.

I want to buy!

When buying images, you won’t have to worry that the process is too complicated. You are offered all the details you need and you have the possibility to either buy a subscription plan or credits for your stock photos. In the case of subscription plans, you may subscribe for one, three, six or twelve months and you will be able to get from five to two hundred images per day. Anyway, you should know that the price for images starts from $0.24 (one month subscription plan) to $0.18 (twelve months subscription plan).
In case you would like to purchase some files, using credits, then you should now that the prices start from $50(50 credits) to $905 (1000 credits). Anyway, the cost of files may differ, depending on the size or on your level as a contributor. You should also know that these credits are available one year and that if you are willing to purchase more (100 +) the company will offer you various discounts.

I want to sell!

Talented people could sell their photos, vectors or videos to, if these will pass the quality check underwent by the specialists. The website offers their contributors every detail they need to know about the partnership with the micro stock agency, including: the terms and condition, the file requirements, the levels they could reach or the money they could get. The thing is that if you are committed, serious, talented, and appreciated by the clients of Depositphotos you may go from the green level (beginner) to the platinum one (pro), in no time.

Get into the Christmas spirit

Now that November is ending, you are surely thinking about holidays and you definitely desire to make your customers get into the Christmas spirit. Well, will help you achieve this goal, thanks to their over one thousand Christmas images and over two hundred thousand Christmas backgrounds. Because there are so many Christmas images available on this stock photo agency, you will definitely manage to choose the one that is right for your task and that will embellish your project, either with its retro effect or with its highly modern nuance.
At the same time, the Christmas backgrounds will suit perfectly your website, regardless if it is an online store or if it offers information and pieces of advice to your audience. Not to mention that if you would like to dedicate an entire issue to Christmas, then you will have background pictures galore to choose from and to strategically place on the pages of your magazine. Therefore, it is impossible not to make yourself and your customers wish for Christmas and await it impatiently, since Depositphotos is full with Christmas magic.
So, taking into consideration the fact that Depositphotos offer only high quality stock photos, one should definitely pick this for his or her Christmas projects. This way, people will get to enjoy those special Christmas feelings, will think about gifts (and therefore will shop form your online store) and will definitely feel good, fact that will make them come back to your site, blog or magazine.

Special offers

Website or blog owners who would like to get a free subscription for themselves or for their visitors (by hosting a contest where the prize comes in the shape of free subscriptions) will have to opportunity to get them, if they meet certain requirements. For instance their blog or site must be quite popular and also they should provide a review about the website, which will be verified by the specialists.

However, these are not the only people who may benefit from special offers. Talented photographers, with impressive portfolios will get a VIP status and they will be easier to find by the Depositphotos clients. In case these people are favored by the public, they could get into the Contributor Promotion Program, which means that they will get paid every time one of their images is accepted by the photos inspectors. So, it sure seems like a special offer indeed.
To conclude, really has the whole package: there are numerous high quality pictures, vectors, videos or editorials, available at affordable prices. At the same time, they always surprise their contributors or clients with special offers. And last but not least, they have managed to comprise a collection of impressive images that will definitely succeed in creating a great impression to their worldwide customers. Therefore, one should subscribe to this agency, in order to impress their readers and visitors.