5 Interesting Resources About Famous Logos


It is one of the first things we unconsciously recognize when we see an add: the logo. Made to create a visual connection to a brand, we associate them without even realizing we do it. If you were to take a look at a list of logos without the brand names, you would probably be surprised to find how many you were able to recognize.

But did you know there are actually websites out there that act as a resource for finding out more about famous logos for brands known world wide? That’s right…there are people out there just as interested in logos as you are. In fact, I am one of them.

Here are five awesome places to check out facts about logos from well established, famous brands.


Why just read a dry article listing off facts when you can test your knowledge, all while learning at the same time? This is a fun little game to play, and you can find out how intense your logo know-how really is. You have time on the clock, and you have to select the correct brand for the tiny bit of logo they show you. It starts out really easy, but before long they start throwing you curve balls. Even the most experienced logo watcher might have a bit of trouble when they play this game.
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Famous Logos

Read about individual logo histories through the side bar list, or else learn about logos in general on this awesome blog. They have had some popular articles that made it into circulation as trends. Those include topics like the best universities for graphic design, logo designer software and using stock photos – the pros and cons. So they branch out quite a bit, if you want more general reading.
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History of Logos

Ever wanted to know the history of all logos? It is here, as well as articles on genre specific graphics from airlines, banks, car manufacturers, corporations and even parodies. There is a ton of information here, both on the design and the way different brand images have changed over the years. It is one of the most comprehensive resources on the topic that you can find online.
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Logo Blog

Take a look at the different logos for different companies. Then see how they have managed to reach that perfect place between memorable and overbearing. Learn from the pros of those that succeeded, and the cons from the ones that failed. This blog is all about learning from others experience.
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Just take a look at famous logos made into a font, in simple black and white. These are beautifully made, but all over the place. You have everything from ADIDAS to Megadeath, as well as warnings like parental advisory stickers that aren’t technically logos. But it is a really cool set, and great if you have a project that needs examples.
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Do you know of a good resource for information about famous logos? Let us know in the comments!