Worst Web Design Practices Every Designer Must Avoid Today


With every passing day, the importance of internet is on the rise. With the increase in internet usage, people are becoming more and more aware about what there needs are when using the search function. With the constant exposure to websites, tech savvy users now have a good idea as to what a good website looks like.  

Thus, if they don’t find your web design attractive and useful they will leave. So, in order to guide you in this regard, here are some of the tips to make your website a traffic magnet:- 

Avoid Clutter and Be Organized

Having lots of ideas is good, but having all of them at one page can present a complex and confusing picture to the readers. Unorganized and chaotic websites usually leave visitors bewildered. When potential clients reach your website, they are looking for valuable information. They are not looking for a puzzle to solve. Therefore, it is vital to have a balanced and fine looking website. This can be achieved by using the white space skillfully and only keeping the information that your clients absolutely need to reach an informed decision. Disorganized websites look unprofessional and can harm the reputation of your business. Your website needs to be a clean mirror that perfectly reflects your company’s goal.  Thus, when it comes to a website, simplicity goes a long way. 

Avoid Using Too Many Graphical Features

A good website is one that is designed to be both interactive and user friendly. A web site having too much personality or bad navigation interface might panic the potential customers, who will then “x” out and search for the next option. Websites containing high quality heavy graphics would have the issues like slow loading pages. Since flash files are not yet recognized by the search engines, using old plain text content as your web design would not reflect well in search engines. Another bad practice is to use topography that may look fabulous but not convert well as an image because web browsers might not be able to reduce it in most systems. This would make your content inaccessible to search engines. This can also prevent visitors finding your website. 

Avoid Being Amusing or Over-Creative

Real purpose of the website is to make a company’s presence on the internet. It also opens up a profitable window by making your service accessible to a wide range of customers across the globe. At times, it is easy to get carried away and become over creative, and exceptionally funny by placing comics, inside jokes etc. But you have to remember, that unless your website promotes funny services, posting such things can take away from your main purpose.  It can easily put off a potential client who might question your credibility.

The visitors often decide in 7 to 9 seconds whether to stay or leave your website. You only have those few seconds to capture their attention. If the viewers find what they are looking for on your website, they will choose to stay otherwise they will click the “x” button. One way for the designers to avoid the above problems is by making the website more user-friendly. Inexperienced designers might come up with a website that is hard to navigate or incomprehensible for common users. This can happen with the use of unfamiliar terms in the navigation menus or the use of clever navigation systems that may involve clicking on certain logos or images. These clickable images and logos might not look like a link but they make you access the other sections or menus of the website. These can act as a nuisance for your readers.

Whenever you design a website, keep in mind that you are designing for your client and not for yourself. Hence, make sure that you keep their perception in view, since they are your clients. Respect their instructions even if it means putting your creativity at limits.

As a professional who provides service to the business people, you might not agree with their specifications but you ought to follow their requirements as they are the real owners and know the business trends better. A designer with enough experience knows that they need to put their innovative sense aside while working for a customer.Being organized in your design business is a must and the communication with a lot of clients is another important part of your business.So Crm systems is the best way for this organization to keep track of professional contacts in your network. By the end, you will not only learn new technical skills but also have good management for your clients.